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    Default Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    About a year ago I purchased a refillable bottle of Amber Pour Homme by Prada. I already had a bottle of Aph but wanted a spare one and thought the refillable was a cool idea. I knew several women who had good luck buying refillable bottles from brands such as Mugler, so I thought I would give it a go.

    I should have realized right off the bat that I was in for trouble when I paid approximately $25 extra for the refillable 3.4oz bottle over the regular 3.4oz bottle. After using the cologne for a while I began to wonder where I could have the bottle refilled and started asking around. This is where things began to get interesting.

    So far in about six months of searching I have yet to find a place that knows how to refill these. I asked at the Prada boutique in Chicago and was told to try a Macys. I have tried Macy's in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Las Vegas without luck. I have also tried Sak's Fifth in Chicago and Indianapolis, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, and even e-mailed Prada without luck. I have a refillable bottle that I paid extra for with no source of refills. I know that on the newer "infusion" Prada frags that they sell large bottles, I have yet to find one for ApH.

    My other problem with this frag is one I have seen echoed in a review for the female refillable on this site, the bottle design is poor and lets the frag waste away. My regular bottle of ApH now has a much stronger smell than my refillable, and my regular bottle was purchased a few months prior to the refillable.

    I just wanted to put my two cents up and recommend people stay away from these refillable Prada bottles. The only good thing I can say is they do look neat.

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    You just unscrew the atomizer and pour the new juice into the old bottle, or move the atomizer to the new bottle.

    The de luxe atomizer looks fantastic, but the fragrance slowly evaporates and is not practical for travelling, for instance.

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    Holy crap, I just made a Prada refillable purchase myself about 6 months ago. The comment that you left on this site is exactly what I was thinking ? There are refillable bottles of products you can buy on the internet. They are out there. Anyways, I totally agree with you that the refillable scent smells different then the regular EDT. Isn't that a bunch of crap? Especially when you're considering the price of the bottle, compared to the regular one I. spent 130 dollars on mine. I do know that they come with a refill bottle and a funnel, but I've yet to see one. For the money that we paid, it should not be a problem.

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    Echo what Tott said above especially in the cooler months what you turn on the heat. I've tried to put a piece of plastic tape to seal the nozzle to prevent some evaporations.

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    omg: Thanks for the head up on that!

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    I was under the impression that you just move the fancy atomizer to a new bottle. I didn't think they actually made "refill" bottles.

    The evaporation is a very real concern and it's something that's got me on the fence over the new Prada Amber Homme Intense. My original Prada Amber Homme (which is my SOTD) has lost a lot of juice to evaporation. I've probably used 10% of my bottle, yet the bottle is 40% gone.

    If you own the "prestige edition" of this scent, make sure you keep the screw on cap that comes with it. When you're putting this scent away for a while, remove the fancy atomizer and screw the regular cap back on and this will prevent evaporation.

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    Default Re: Prada Refillables - Form Over Function

    Double Post.

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    Wow, I didn't expect to see this thread bumped but I am glad it was. I am still in the same position as my initial post. I just mentioned this the other day at Nordstroms to the SA I bought the new Intense version from and they did not know where to buy it either. I bought the regular bottle on the new version.

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