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    Default Price increase for Etat Libre d'Orange

    The former price for the 50 ml bottles was $69 dollars, which must have been like a schoolboy's joke or the reference to the address in the Marais: 69, rue des Archives.

    The prices at Lucky Scent for 50 ml is now $80.
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    Default Re: Price increase for Etat Libre d'Orange

    I think the reference address was also a school boy joke! For some reason $80 makes their products less appealing, and it's not because the price is too high. I must still be a school boy.

    I wonder if they are trying to increase the appeal of their fragrances by making them more expensive? A bad move, I think, considering that so many find the kitschy and excessive sexuality of their marketing and packaging a bit much. Regardless, I think their products are fantastic and at $69 a great deal for the volume. Even at $80 - compared to other niche brands - I still think $80 is more than fair.
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