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Thread: Biotherm Homme

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    Default Biotherm Homme

    Did anyone get a chance to check it out?

    I saw it this morning at the airport coming back from amsterdam.

    the british SA girl told me its a new take on aquatics in some way. It is more woody and theres a hint of what seems to smell like absinthe, but not anise.

    I thought it was pretty nice and if i didnt see a cartier roadster sport on sale i would of bought it.

    anyone else got a chance to check it out?

    this is from their site:
    BIOTHERM’s new fragrance for men,
    FORCE embodies the power of spring
    water at the very source of the brand:
    an active fragrance with the irresistible
    appeal of a man in complete
    command of his own strength.
    An element of intensity that challenges
    men to experience their own power,
    a captivating essence that awakens their
    untapped strength - the strength to achieve
    the extraordinary. The epitome of virility.

    Standing firm, FORCE comes to life in a woody,
    virile burst of scent that expresses the tautness of
    toned skin and the power of vigorous muscles.
    Dynamic, lean, textured woody aromas like
    cedar and Haitian vetiver fuse in vibrant,
    soothing, refined scent notes. The fragrance
    is subtly warmed by rich amber and heady patchouli. Addiction guaranteed. RAGRANCE^F1_HOM_FRAGRANCE^F2_HOM_FRAGRANCE_Fragran ce&
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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    This is one that I want to sample.....Something new or different in the aquatic family would be very nice!!!

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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    it wasnt amazing or ground breaking, but it was very nice.
    i wish i had more money with me so i could had bought them both
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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    Biotherm has to be the worst name for a fragrance company... Sounds like something from the Terminator...

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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    It's actually a skincare company. Their products are based on a type of plankton from a thermal spring, hence Biotherm. Their products are quite nice, and it's the best selling prestige mens line in the world. Just FYI.

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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    I highly appreciate their skincare products... do they really have to do fragrances? Force left no impression of whatsoever for me.
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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    Don't like it at all. So cheap and synthetic.

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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    I have not tried or seen this, but their Aqua Fitness fragrance (from 2000) was quite nice.
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    Thumbs up Re: Biotherm Homme

    Quote Originally Posted by AntonPan View Post
    Don't like it at all. So cheap and synthetic.

    I agree absolutely ! It smells like housecleaning products for the bathroom
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    Default Re: Biotherm Homme

    Tried and smells very synthetic. It has a gourmand taste that to my nose is a little bit similar to one million but much more acuatic,Poor longevity on my skin.
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