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    Question Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Joop!, Blue Sugar, Tobacco Vanille
    Worst Longevity? Set Sail St Barts, Vurt Red, Stetson Fresh
    Most Projection? Joop!, Blue Sugar
    Least Projection? Hummer H2, Usher, John Varvatos
    Most Versatile? Cool Water, Phat Farm Atman, Zirh Corduroy
    Hardest To Wear? Joop!, Blue Sugar, Polo Explorer, Set Sail St Barts, Antonio, Zero Plus
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Joop!, Curve, Rykiel Man
    Most Natural Smelling? TdH, Paradox Green
    Most Chemical Smelling? Lucky You, Curve

    What are yours?
    I'll make it easy, just copy and paste these below ;D
    Best Longevity?
    Worst Longevity?
    Most Projection?
    Least Projection?
    Most Versatile?
    Hardest To Wear?
    Most Synthetic Smelling?
    Most Natural Smelling?
    Most Chemical Smelling?
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Black Aoud and Red Aoud tied.
    Worst Longevity? Yohji Homme
    Most Projection? Black Aoud and Red Aoud tied.
    Least Projection? Yohji Homme, Bvlgari Pour Homme and Idole tied
    Most Versatile? Black Aoud.
    Hardest To Wear? The ones I am currently trying to offload, and those I rate below 3 stars. They don't necessarily have to be challenging scents. If something smells mediocre, or steers away from my preferences, I'll naturally find it hard to want to wear them.
    Most Synthetic Smelling? I've smelled a handful, but I only own a decant of Skai.
    Most Natural Smelling? In this context, would "Natural" also mean "realistic"? Anyways, by my own terms and definitions, it has to be Chene (wood) .
    Most Chemical Smelling? I'll get back to this in a while.... Edit: Aigner X-limited - chemical, sugared water.
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Tie between Encre Noire, Pi and Body Kouros
    Worst Longevity? Black Suede Touch
    Most Projection? Body Kouros
    Least Projection? Gucci PH II
    Most Versatile? Aqva & Encre Noire
    Hardest To Wear? Dior Homme (its formal fragrance for me so I dont use it often)
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Pi & CK One
    Most Natural Smelling? Encre Noire
    Most Chemical Smelling? Pi & Nightflight
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity?
    Fleur du Male, M7, TdH

    Worst Longevity?
    Romance Silver (and I love it for its lesser longevity!)

    Most Projection?
    M7, Fleur du Male, Prada Amber, Amouage Reflection and Lyric Man, Salvador Dali PH

    Least Projection?
    Bois de Turquie, Yatagan

    Most Versatile?
    Antidote, Versace PH, Romance Silver, Bois de Turquie

    Hardest To Wear?
    Salvador Dali PH, Grain de Plaisir,

    Most Synthetic Smelling?
    TdH, Visit, Minotaure,

    Most Natural Smelling?
    Lyric Man, Oxford and Cambridge, Bois de Turquie, Let Me Play the Lion

    Most Chemical Smelling?
    Minotaure, Fleur du Male, Grey Flannel (the opening), TdH (the late drydown)
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    (my skin)
    Best Longevity: Body kouros, Leau d issey, Ungaro III, the dreamer
    Worst Longevity: Cool water
    Most Projection? Bulgari Pour homme extreme, leau d issey, armani code
    Least Projection: hanae mori, au masculine, rochas man
    Most Versatile: cool water, leau d issey, bulgari pour homme extreme
    Hardest To Wear: Ungaro III
    Most Synthetic Smelling: cool water
    Most Natural Smelling: Ungaro III
    Most Chemical Smelling: cool water

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? A*MEN
    Worst Longevity? Millesime Imperial
    Most Projection? A*MEN
    Least Projection? Zino Davidoff
    Most Versatile? Uomo? Moschino
    Hardest To Wear? Boss Bottled 6
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Obsession Night for Men
    Most Natural Smelling? Green Irish Tweed
    Most Chemical Smelling? Body Kouros'start
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Knize Ten, Chanel Anateus, Drakkar Noir
    Worst Longevity? 4711
    Most Projection? Cerutti 1881 Amber
    Least Projection? On El, Kenzo pour Homme
    Most Versatile? Rive Gauche pour Homme, Guy Laroche Horizon, Gucci Envy for Men
    Hardest To Wear? again, Knize Ten, plus Halston Z14 and Worth pour Homme
    Most Synthetic Smelling? XXL by Daniel Hechter, Boss Bottled
    Most Natural Smelling? Guerlain Vetiver, Tabac Original, Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn
    Most Chemical Smelling? Cool Wave by Gillette (oddly medicinal, antiseptic and neutral smelling)

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity?
    - Black Aoud
    - Musc Koublai Khan
    - Red Aoud
    - Musc Ravageur
    - Kouros

    Worst Longevity?
    - Polo Blue
    Most Projection?
    - Black Aoud
    - Red Aoud
    - Kouros
    - Rive Gauche PH Intense

    Least Projection?
    - Bois d'Orage

    Most Versatile?
    - Kouros
    - Black Aoud

    Hardest To Wear?
    - AA Indian Musk Ghazelle

    Most Synthetic Smelling?
    - Montana PH

    Most Natural Smelling?
    - Creed MI
    - Montale Black Aoud

    Most Chemical Smelling?
    - Escada Magnetism
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Encre Noire
    Worst Longevity? Mandragore
    Most Projection? Knize Ten, Encre Noire
    Least Projection? L'Eau de Jatamansi, L'Eau d'Orange Verte
    Most Versatile? Eau d'Orange Verte, Zino, Tea For Two
    Hardest To Wear? Jungle L'Éléphant, Histoire d'Eau
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Auslese Trocken
    Most Natural Smelling? Piment Brûlant
    Most Chemical Smelling? Auslese Trocken
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Kouros, Rive Gauche EDT Intense, Bel Ami
    Worst Longevity? Eau D'Orange Verte
    Most Projection? Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men, Bel Ami, L'Ombre Dans L'eau
    Least Projection? Eau D'Orange Verte
    Most Versatile? Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme, Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Hardest To Wear? Kouros
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Polo Black
    Most Natural Smelling? Verbenas of Provence by Jo Malone, Encre Noire
    Most Chemical Smelling? L Homme by Zara (don't know why I even bought this one)
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity?

    Worst Longevity?
    Acqua di Parma Colonia

    Most Projection?

    Least Projection?
    Bvlgari PH

    Most Versatile?
    Bvlgari PH or Bleecker Street

    Hardest To Wear?

    Most Synthetic Smelling?
    Probably Cuiron, though I love it.

    Most Natural Smelling?
    Eau Lente

    Most Chemical Smelling?
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Fahrenheit Absolute, A*Men Pure Malt, Havana Reserva
    Worst Longevity? Havana (Gentleman's Collection)
    Most Projection? Havana Reserva, Richard James (Savile Row)
    Least Projection? Opium Eau d'Orient PH
    Most Versatile? Laura Tonatto Albi & Iss, Rive Gauche Intense PH
    Hardest To Wear? Encre Noire, Domenico Caraceni PH
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Gai Mattiolo Uomo
    Most Natural Smelling? Domenico Caraceni PH
    Most Chemical Smelling? Isn't this the same as synthetic smelling?

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Carven Homme and 212 White for Men
    Worst Longevity? Lanvin L'Homme Sport (I wouldn't use the word "worst", but rather "least". I usually purchase long lasting fragrances and this just happens to last less than the rest).
    Most Projection? F pour Homme Black and B*Men
    Least Projection? Lanvin L'Homme Sportand Body Kouros (these are quieter than the rest but not by much)
    Most Versatile? Brooks Brothers New York Gentleman, Rive Gauche and F pour Homme (original)
    Hardest To Wear? B*Men
    Most Synthetic Smelling? F pour Homme Black
    Most Natural Smelling? M7 or Rive Gauche
    Most Chemical Smelling? Versace The Dreamer

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? AG Encens flamboyant, Nicolai Patchouli Homme, MPG Parfum d´Habit
    Worst Longevity? Just Cavalli Blue, Joe Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar
    Most Projection? ELDO Charogne, Flori China Rose, YSL Kouros
    Least Projection? UNgaro III, Caron pour un Homme
    Most Versatile? Kezoair, Cacharel Nemo, Bond West Broadway
    Hardest To Wear? Floris Edwardian Bouquet, Creed Irisia
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Demeter Play doh, Rochas Lui,
    Most Natural Smelling? olivier Durbano Rock Crystal, Diptyque Eau Lente, Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant
    Most Chemical Smelling? Annick Goutal Myrrhe ardente, Etro Palais Jamais
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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Tonka Impériale
    Worst Longevity? Vétiver (Guerlain)
    Most Projection? Antaeus
    Least Projection? Le Vétyver (Lubin)
    Most Versatile? Equipage
    Hardest To Wear? L'Autre (Diptyque)
    Most Synthetic Smelling? M7
    Most Natural Smelling? Concentré d'Orange Verte
    Most Chemical Smelling? M7's topnotes

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Best Longevity? Knize Ten
    Worst Longevity? Florida Water
    Most Projection? Grey Flannel
    Least Projection? Hinoki
    Most Versatile? Yatagan, Infusion d'Iris
    Hardest To Wear? Ajmal Musk Ghazelle
    Most Synthetic Smelling? Heir
    Most Natural Smelling? l'Occitane Vetyver, Yatagan
    Most Chemical Smelling? Bois d'Encens, Smokestack

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    Default Re: Out of your fragrances..

    Quote Originally Posted by KMF View Post
    Most Chemical Smelling? Isn't this the same as synthetic smelling?
    To me synthetic is a good smell, and chemical is more of a bad smell. For example, Joop! is very synthetic but I enjoy it and I don't get any chemical aromas like cleaning products, too much alcohol, or certain unpleasant odors such as feces, urine, garbage, or the smell when something overheats and fries.

    Quote Originally Posted by matthewfoo View Post
    Most Natural Smelling? In this context, would "Natural" also mean "realistic"? Anyways, by my own terms and definitions, it has to be Chene (wood) .
    Least synthetic smelling. Fresh squeezed lemons, fresh cut grass, the ocean, sliced apples, etc. Realistic, sure.
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    I'll stick too my pour Homme scents here!

    Best Longevity?
    Joop!; Insensé (vintage); Fleur du Male; A*men; Dior Homme Intense: Opium PH EdP

    Worst Longevity?
    Ice*men; D&G Masculine; Monsieur de Givenchy

    Most Projection?
    Opium PH EdP; Fleur du Male; A*men; D&G pour Homme

    Least Projection?
    I dunno ... hmm?! Monsieur de Givenchy?!

    Most Versatile?
    Dior Homme; Platinum Égoïste; Dune pour Homme

    Hardest To Wear?
    Fahrenheir Absolute; Le Mâle; M7

    Most Synthetic Smelling?
    Le Mâle; Fleur du Male; A*men; Joop!

    Most Natural Smelling?
    Musk al Ghazal

    Most Chemical Smelling?
    I find this close to synthetic too, see that
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