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    Default What is your "hug me" scent?

    There are certain scents that just make a person more huggable.
    My Scottish Grandmother wore a perfume that I can still remember
    (she died when she was 92) but never knew the name of. She was a
    soft, rounded woman with a heart of gold and I could have hugged her for ever!
    My "hug me " scent is probably Heliotrope Blanc or maybe LouLou.

    Which of your scents do your family and friendslove to linger over when you are
    wearing them? I'm not talking "sensual" here, just huggable.
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    light blue!
    "Diego: Why did you do that? you could've died trying to rescue me.
    Manfred: That's what you do in a herd: you look out for each other. " (Ice Age)

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Mmm... Lea, Bois Farine, Kenzo Amour or maybe L'Eau d'Hiver...or something very, very vanilla (The Exact Friction of Stars is a huge hit with my four-year-old: "yummy cupcakes!!! can I have some???")

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    My dear Kewart,
    My "hug" me is LouLou
    " I think part of my success as an editor came from never worrying about a fact, a cause, an atmosphere. It was me—projecting to the public. That was my job. I think I always had a perfectly clear view of what was possible for the public. Give 'em what they never knew they wanted." DiANA VREELAND
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Hypnotic Poison
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    My name is KaL - EL - EL - L - L - L ! D:

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Well, I feel my most huggable in Shaal Nur.

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    My daughter seems to hug me more when I'm wearing Kelly Caleche - and she always says "Mmmm... Mom you smell so good"!
    "You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future."

    "Three essentials for a good life: Someone to love, somewhere to go, and something to look forward to."

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    My daughter likes Jour de Fête (the heliotrope note, I suppose.) But actually, she is huggy anyway and likes most of my perfumes-- lucky me, all those hugs!

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Hug me scent for my son is Hypnotic Poison or Opium.For my husband it's Carnal Flower , Fracas, Vol de Nuit. For me, it's everything I have and love !
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    A good question, as I certainly consider this. The stuff my son loves when he cuddles up to me. The, "Mommy you smell good" ones...

    Amouage Ciel
    Thymes Goldleaf
    TDC Osmanthus

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Fancy Sophie and I both finding Lou Lou huggable!
    I agree with Hypnotic Poison and Jour de Fete.
    I am now tempted to try some Shaal Nur - who makes it?
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Mine are Kenzo Amour, Egyptian Goddess, Helmut Lang Woman.

    Kewart, Shaal Nur is by Etro.
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain
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    Thumbs up Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Kewart, Shaal Nur really is special. In a quiet, huggable way. :-)

    Roberto, I forgot about Blue Amber. I think it's very comforting and huggable.

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Clair de Musc.

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?


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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    My perpetually huggable grandmother wore Lily of the Valley as her signature scent, I don't know the name, or the house, wherever she was in the world, an old friend would send it to her from France, and she would put it into an ancient cut crystal atomizer thing with the squeeze bulb and fat, tangled silk tassel.

    Sadly, Lily of the Valley totally stinks on me, so when I am going to be in a situation where I know I will be hugged by a large contingent of family members, I tend to go light, classic, and unobtrusive - either Silver Mountain Water or a dab or two of attar of roses, since sandalwood has become santalum unobtanium, I'm not about to let my remaining little bit of that get hugged off me!
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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    I would find a person wearing L'Eau Serge Lutens incredibly hugable!

    The only smell from my childhood which is comforting to me would be my dads Golden Virginia tobacco... not a particularly pleasant smell but very very comforting!

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    Default Re: What is your "hug me" scent?

    Gap Om - like a warm shower and cookies all wrapped into one! How I wish they hadn't discontinued it...
    I'll ask the gardeners what they call / the many flowers, so that in the small crocks /
    of their lovely proper names I can bring back / remnants of the hundred fragrances.
    - Rilke, Requiem for a Friend

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