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    Default Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Is there such a fragrance? Like a fruity shisha pipe?

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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    It might sound strange, but I get a strong impression of both from Opium pour Homme by YSL
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    I used to wear Opium pour Homme..... years ago now, will have to revisit.

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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Maybe Divine L'Homme Sage or Amouage Jubilation XXV...both rather expensive, but they fit your description, IMO.

    Also, the discontinued Cacharel Nemo. It's a bit synthetic, but many here like it, and it's definitely a fruity smoke.
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Wazamba smells like fruits + incense

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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Quote Originally Posted by arwen_elf View Post
    Wazamba smells like fruits + incense
    Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire smells like curry to me .

    +1 Jubilation XXV - boozy fruity spicy incense-y
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Bhiel al02 might be worth checking out.

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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    If you haven't already tried it I suggest you try the original Poison by Dior.It's honeyed blackberries and incence on my skin.

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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Feminite du Bois came first to my mind. I'd suggest checking to see if you can still acquire the original Shiseido version in the curvy bottle thru an etailer. It should be less expensive than the current Serge Lutens release.

    I just remembered-- Hermes Elixir des Merveilles. Robust orange, woods, and incense. Much more incense prominent than FdB. I'll keep editing if I remember more.
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    Oh, I'm going to second Wazamba, absolutely. No curry whatsoever to me.
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    how interesting, as a woman i loved jubilition XXV (but not the women's version)
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    Default Re: Forest Fruits + Incense?

    The granddaddy of all fruity incense is Encens et Bubblegum by Etat. It's a fruity shisha pipe, boy howdy.

    Frapin 1270 comes to mind.

    If you want to shell out the big bucks, MDCI's Le Rivage des Syrtes is AMAZING.

    Cassini by Oleg Cassini is certainly fruity and incense-y

    al02 is a good one, but the musk stands out more than any incense.

    Don't overlook Keiko Mecheri's Oliban (plum and incense), Ume (fruity X-mas insence) or Peau de Peche (peaches and incense). Ignore note-listings on these. It's in there.

    I am trying to recall if Annayake's Miyako has some plum. It's a great scent.
    Yukimi is probably up your alley, too. Fruity with a grounding of incense.

    Less attractive options are Hanae Mori's Magical Moon and Chopard Wish. And one of the Joop ones... You might look at that house.
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