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    Default Burberry London Discontinued?

    I was in Macy's today in the Polo section and decided to check out their fragrance area. I hadn't been there in awhile and it pretty much hadn't changed except the Lacoste Sport, Coach Leather and all the Summer ones out there. The saleswoman, who I used to talk to alot a few years back said London had been discontinued or phased out because of Burberry Sport. Considering London is a favorite of mine I was stunned. I haven't been here alot and did a search but didn't see anything on it.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    Burberry London has been missing from my Macys for almost a year now. Perfumania in the same mall carries it . Most fragrances don't survive very long on the Macys shelves because they have to make way for the next releases. Chanel, Bulgari, and Armani are about the only houses that keep most of their fragrances stocked at Macys these days in my town.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I can see it being "phased out" by stores in order to make room on the shelves for new releases. But doubt it is discontinued.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I see it at a local Marshall's but @$47.00/50ml it ain't in the cheap seats.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I saw a giftset with the 100ml bottle along with.. shower gel, I think, awhile ago at Gordman's for $30. I should have picked it up then, although my feelings regarding this scent have never exceeded "really like" - it's always been short of love.
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    By discontinued, she may have meant at that particular store... I think it's pretty rare that things are just no longer produced anywhere
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I don't think its been discontinued, just not stocked at Macy's. I see it at Dillard's still, but I've noticed it to be gone from Macy's for about 6 months. Why they still stock and sell Brit though is beside me..

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    It would be very strange if it got discontinued. Isn't London a big seller? I don't know what Macy's is. Is it a higher end store? In Canada I think it's still at Sears and The Bay.

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    This made me wonder, since it is being phased out at regular stores such as Macy's, and it turning up at discounters such as TJM, is the price of Burberry London likely to fall soon? Right now it's selling at TJM at $40/100 oz, which is not a great price (ScentMonkey sells it for cheaper).

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I hope not! It's a good "christmas" scent.

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    a burberry associate said it was being phased out of smaller retail outlets – not being discontinued entirely

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    Saw it at Walgreens this afternoon, new in box.

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daryl J. View Post
    Saw it at Walgreens this afternoon, new in box.
    I saw it for a great price at Bed, Bath and Beyond, of all places. 50 mL bottle for something like 25 or 30 - it was a good deal.

    I'm like SoS - I'm in like with it. So it didn't beat our Rochas Man for $19.99 at Marshall's today.....
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    the only place ive ever seen it is sephora
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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    Thats like saying Old Spice is being discontinued

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    Default Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    It is difficult to find Burberry London in stores in the UK, but I have just been to Dublin and it's still widely available there, they are even making Christmas gift sets of it. This shows it is not being discontinued. It is probably that stores only have shelf space for so many Burberry fragrances, and have stopped ordering London to make space for Sport.
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