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    Default Fleur de Narcisse

    ... by L'Artisan... Worn it today... an excellent scent in my opinion. I am a little surprised by the many negative reviews I've read, both here and at Makeupalley.

    Perhaps not an indisputable masterpiece like the two Fleur(s) d'Oranger (2005 and 2007) editions, but the closest I've got to remembering my beloved and long gone flacon of Creed's Verveine Narcisse.

    Creed was a tad more masculine and greener, while this is truly in the middle ("unisex") and more floral. Comparable quality, though.

    One of those L'Artisan which you wear outside... forget about them... catch a beautiful sniff... think it's from some tree blossoms... look up... see nothing... and then realize it's just your ugly, hairy wrist which smells so nice (-:

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    Default Re: Fleur de Narcisse

    Well, Addict, aside from the ugly, hairy wrist (LOL), I'm with you 100%. I think that Fleur de Narcisse is gorgeous. It speaks to me of the outdoors, and I like that it is not too heady or too sweet.

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    Default Re: Fleur de Narcisse

    Oh dear, Fleur de Narcisse I so wanted to love but I didn't . I found it disappointing. I'm glad it has its fans though.
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    Default Re: Fleur de Narcisse

    Quote Originally Posted by Haunani View Post
    Well, Addict, aside from the ugly, hairy wrist (LOL), I'm with you 100%.
    Did you ever see a man's wrist which was not, if not hairy, at least very ugly? (-:

    Isn't it great that we ugly men can offer ourselves the illusion of beauty, using less than one buck per spritz, even with the expensive fragrances? (-:

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    Default Re: Fleur de Narcisse

    This is one of those rare perfumes I find "intoxicating." The narcissus behaves like tuberose on me once the vinegar-like (attar kewda?) top note fades and some musky elements emerge over tobacco and leather. It is a gorgeous soliflore, but I'm still mulling over the price tag. Lucky Scent sent me this sample when I purchased Le Temps D'Une Fete, which I love. Great longevity on this.

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    Default Re: Fleur de Narcisse

    Fleur de Narcissus One of my favorites Floral fragrances ! nice for spring
    my favorite LArtisan and I prefeer than Fleur de Oranger ...
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