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Thread: Tommy Bahama.

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    Question Tommy Bahama.

    I made a blind buy at my local Marshal's on Tommy Baham. I figure for under $20 it would be worth the risk. The tops notes seem to be a sharp citrus, somewhat undifferentiated and linear until the drydown, which is mellow and quite nice. I think, for me, the jury is out on this fragrance. What has been your experience?

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    It's very well done for the prices it sells for on ebay, but for some reason I can't handle any frag with a strong cedar wood note these days, and so it's on my swap list. A shame. I hope this problem subsides soon, but in the meantime all my cedar dominant frags are on my list (I've decided to keep at least one of them and hope for the best LOL).

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    Quite similar to Gucchi Pour Homme IMO. Although it seems that this is a more acceptable frag for summer than the Gucci.

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    I think it's fabulous. Although it's labeled as a cologne, it seems to have EDT strength. I love the peppery opening, and the light leather notes in the dry down. Enough to be a unique summer fragrance. This one separates the boys from men imo as it relates to summer fragrances. I don't know of many summer frags that you can get at a low price with leather and tobacco notes. I don't always wanna smell like an aquatic fruit salad during the summer. TB is extremely versatile too for any season. Great buy, and great fragrance as are all the others from the collection.

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    Like The Cologneist- I love it. I think it's good stuff. My DH wore this for years and years .
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    Love the pepper. Can be dressed up or down. Nice sillage. Unique. Underrated. Great buy for you.

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    Default Re: Tommy Bahama.

    Tesla, I did exactly what you did. I bought it blind at Marshalls for $20, based on the good reviews and the reported high patchouli content. I was not impressed with it at first: it smelled to me like a weaker version of Fendi Uomo and Gucci PH blended together. But that was from sampling it on my hand. When I actually wore it for a day, I began to like it. I really like how it's not a sillage monster but it has incredible longevity - about 12 hours. I find it to be a very classy and comfortable scent to wear all day. It's complex and you get different whiffs of it throughout the day. It's dark and woody too, which I like. Bigsly is right too, there is a TON of cedar in this, but not the sweet/fresh kind of cedar you smell in all the boring Macys-type scents today. It's a very good frag.

    My only complaint with it is that the patchouli isn't strong enough.
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    Bahama is pleasant. For a masculine made in the last 5 years, pleasant isn't such a bad thing.

    I get a dominant cedar with pepper. The rendition of patch in Bahama isn't a familiar one to me and I can't say I smell patchouli even though it's listed. Cedar is front and center and that seems to be a recurring theme in modern masculines.

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