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    Default gel vs. paste vs. wax

    Been using Aveda Shaping Wax for short hair. Holds decently well, but by the end of the day, no hold. Also not as pliable as I would like

    Thinking of these and want comments

    Jack Black Hair Gel
    Aveda Pureformance Grooming Clay
    Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech (not the shiny one but the matte finish)

    I dont know what a wax or clay or paste does vs. a gel. Many gels before left me with helmet head but they say that the Jack Black does not. I went into a place and got a sample of the other two and the Bumble and Bumble was good, but it is a wax. hard to apply and the hair feels coated, but it does have a great hold.

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    Default Re: gel vs. paste vs. wax

    You need to try ENJOY Dry wax.

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    Default Re: gel vs. paste vs. wax

    Aveda Pureformance Grooming Clay stinks! lol
    Can't stand the smell, never understood why they add fragrance to hair products. Or the least tone it down.

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    Default Re: gel vs. paste vs. wax

    i would go for a paste/clay/cream product, since it combines the pros of gel & wax.

    Good Hold, any possible Shine (depends on Product), low grease/oil/fat and no crunchy feeling.

    i would never go back to gel, but there are some good wax products u could try, even though some newer waxes are more like pastes, since they added a lot of stuff to the actual wax.

    "Real" Wax is like Black & White Pluko or Dax Wax, only a few ingredients like wax, lanolin, water and fragrance.

    sorry that i cant recommend an actual product, well... axe whatever isnt too bad, american crew forming cream same thing - first one is a little sticky, the last doesnt give a really good hold throughout the day.

    sorry for the bad english
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    Default Re: gel vs. paste vs. wax

    Favorite of all time is the Dirty English (Juicy Couture) Hair Pomade, it last throughout the day and the hair looks as natural as without it with a great hold. Even though I don't like the Dirty English smell, this one smells very mild and pleasant on the hair.

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    Default Re: gel vs. paste vs. wax

    I've never liked waxes as much as clays or pastes. Waxes always felt too greasy in my hair, although that could be because I never quite got the right feel for how much to use.

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