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    Default antiperspirant...harmful??

    I've heard from some friends that antiperspirants are harmful to one's health since they stop the natural process of sweating. Some even say it causes cancer...

    This makes sense to me, and I don't know why I didn't question putting chemicals on armpits earlier. Well, most likely because they were stopping me from spreading body odour around haha. there a more natural, possibly less harmful alternative to body odour control than antiperspirant or deodorant??

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    Sweating is a temperature-control mechanism. You still sweat from other parts of the body, so the body isn't harmed by not sweating under the arms.

    Because pathologists have found more than normal amounts of aluminum in the brain tissues of people who had Alzheimer's, for some years now many people have been leery of cooking with aluminum pots or wearing antiperspirants containing aluminum salts. But a cause and effect relationship has not been established.

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    There are effective antiperspirants/deodorants without aluminium. I agree with 30 Roses in that a relationship doesn't mean that one causes the other, but if you'd feel more comfortable avoiding aluminium go ahead!

    I avoid aluminium antiperspirants because they build up these yellowish stains on things like white cotton.

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    I stopped using anti-perspirants many many years ago, I highly recommend you read the following article about anti-perspirants:

    Personally I use Weleda Citrus or Sage deodorant spray or just a mixture of baking soda and water which you can add a drop of essential oil if you like it scented.

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    I would read the article but for that annoying and article blocking pop-up that requires registration to clear.
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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    The gist of the article is probably that the "natural deodorant stones" are actually aluminum (aluminum salts?)... so if one is trying to avoid aluminum that isn't the way to go.

    As to an alternative, the only thing I can suggest is a cornstarch-based (and possibly scented) powder... it won't keep the pong at bay but will "delay" it. (But from experience, the traditionally-scented baby powder turns really nasty with sweat.)

    Or accepting that humans sweat and sweat has a smell, and unless the person's hygiene is negligent, or they have a physiological issue that makes their perspiration smell "bad"... there is nothing wrong with a little sweat smell now and then.
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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    If aluminum salts found in anti-persperants were actually harmful, you would expect to see more people being harmed? Net/net anti-persperants are harmless.

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    I use antiperspirant, and my husband keeps giving me that same story about how it's bad for you, but I keep using it anyway. I've tried using "natural" deodorants and they just don't do the job for me. Sometimes I alternate using them with antiperspirant (I like Dove because it's gentle to underarms). If one thing doesn't kill me something else will, I'm sure. My husband uses Old Spice deodorant stick, and I must admit...he never ever smells pongy, even after he's been doing some sweaty activity. He might smell a little salty after a run or mowing the grass, but he has never had that strong BO pong over the years I've known him. Maybe try an Old Spice stick?

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    Default Re: antiperspirant...harmful??

    I switched to homemade deodorant a while ago. I use that and follow up with a dusting of cornstarch. Interestingly, it's been a hot summer but I'm sure I have been drier and better smelling than when I used commercial deodorants. If you would like to try it, here's the recipe-

    5ml vodka
    40 ml witch hazel
    25ml orange flower water
    25ml rose flower water (or another hydrolat of your choice)
    10 drops geranium EO
    10 drops cypress EO
    8 drops bergamot EO
    5 drops neroli EO
    3 drops black pepper EO
    4 drops lavender EO

    Just mix it all up - shake before each use.

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