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Thread: Mystery Of Musk

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    Smile Mystery Of Musk

    The Mystery Of Musk project began 1st July- organised by Anya McCoy and The Natural Perfumer's Guild . It's a great opportunity to learn more about natural musks and natural perfumery in general .
    Below is the link to Anya's thread on the male discussion board.
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    Default Re: Mystery Of Musk

    The thing that's fascinating me is how wrongly I had perceived natural fragrances. There is much more modernity and diversity there than I had believed previously. The natural musks are interesting to me, but the real story is what happens when you let a group of natural perfumers loose with a carte blanche. The answer, surprisingly to me, is the same thing that would happen to perfumers using synthetics. They are all over the map. The same map. It's very cool.
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