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    Default Re: Loooong absents....please bring me up to speed!

    I haven't tried Mitti but I've heard good things about this site:

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    Default Re: Loooong absents....please bring me up to speed!

    Hey hey AZ and ajmc!

    Good to see you guys still here at Basenotes. AZ, thanks for the update. I guess things have changed quite a bit in the last few years. Wow, Creed discontinued Vintage Tab eh ? That is surprising! ajmc, I don't think Tigerflag was the site I was thinking about. I'm thinking it may very well be (as AZ suggested) White Lotus Aromatics. When I have time, I will have to dig through my files. I recall the site had lots of pictures of Mitti being made "the old fashion way", out in the fields of India using
    BIG "pot type stills". If memory serves, you had to buy a fairly large order of at least $100.00 worth of product to do business with this outfit. I believe this "outfit" provides Mitti (and other Oils) to many other companies. Ooooh, I have a lot of catching up to do!


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    Default Re: Loooong absents....please bring me up to speed!

    I just want to pop in and say hello and nice to see you here again. I can't say that I'm that active anymore, but write the occasional post every now and then. Unfortunately I have no stinkers for you to test out. I'll let you know when I'll stumble upon one.

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