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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by zygote View Post
    What an interesting story
    I would have to say that while the cap is quite corroded from the pictures the bottle itself doesn't appear to carry enough wear for it to have spent any significant time in the ocean. We live in coastal South Carolina and recently my husband dropped his scratch resistant/shatter proof/etc glasses into the surf. When we located them a minute later (okay, maybe two minutes, but not longer than that as he was near the edge of the water) they had moved a few feet in and just that little bit abraded the lenses.
    I realize that glass is tougher but it probably would have taken on a frosted appearance on the high points even after just a short time. Perhaps this was a bottle forgotten on the beach during what she hoped would be an evening of romance?
    How would we visualize where it came from? It was found at Long Beach Harbor, Mississippi (just post Katrina, Pre-BP Calamity). But, that does not mean it was lost locally, though it could have been.

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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hillaire View Post
    I think you should try to return it at TJ MAXX.
    (My grandmother would.)
    *cackling with laughter*

    Yeah - I had one of those, too.
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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    I know you did not intend to insult me. It is not the fragrance so much as the find that is special. There are many women out there who are intensely loyal to the original Chloe; there are also some men who claim to be addicted. Thank goodness people have different tastes, otherwise it would be a very dull world. ...Manufacturers wouldn't need to make so many versions of everything to try and please. Out of curiosity--would your grandmothers also return a bottle of, "Beautiful" or "First" (Old version Van Cleef)? I am learning from you guys. I am not a perfume specialist, as I am sure you can discern. I am quite allergic/sensitive.

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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    What a great story Suzi! I have very little impulse control and would open that puppy immediately
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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
    Heartwood, did you find a sampler?
    I'm so sorry, but I've had quite a bit going on and haven't been able to test Chloe. This is likely going to be the case for a while longer, so I won't be able to explore this fragrance anytime soon.
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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    well i am a little touchy about any such antique thing. i would keep it safe to me and would not use this one at least. Who knows one day, i would meet the owner of the bottle dramatically and i would give it back
    i do not feel it bad to open and use it because its not mine but because it might relate to some special person at the boat which was stuck in a hurricane.

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    Default Re: What Would You Do?

    I would definitely keep it! Forget the eBay or present thing. I would also leave it unopened. As it is it makes for a marvelous mystery. Opening it takes away from that. And what a fun story to tell...anyone, not just perfume addicts!

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