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    Default Is Patchouli oil the best head shop oil?

    I want to order some patchouli oil online (I can only find the incense nearby) but what other oils are good?

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    Default Re: Is Patchouli oil the best head shop oil?


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    Default Re: Is Patchouli oil the best head shop oil?

    Patchouli is good as are vetiver and lavender oil if it is a really green lavender oil. One of the best vetiver oils I have smelled comes from Madini Oils and you can get these online direct from Madini at ;or also Tigerflag Natural Perfumery sells Madini as well. Tigerflag sells a really nice Rhus Khus vetiver which is over the top potent, but she also has some really nice oil blends such as saffron Attar and Lotus flower attar. The Mitti Attar and Mitti Vetiver are also nice. Most of the Tigerflag oils are from White Lotus and they are a good source for those too. Another good source for essential oils and they have some nice blends too is for the Soma brand essential oils. They have top shelf patchouli, french lavender and an outstanding vetiver. All of the chakra blends are well blended too.
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    Default Re: Is Patchouli oil the best head shop oil?

    I've just recently bought Bourbon Vetiver EO from and it's sublime. I find it very complex and utterly long lasting. I think it would work really well if layered with vetiver fragrances.

    I've been intrigued by the idea of buying some Patchouli Oil too. I did a bit of research and found out this site that claims that their Patchouli Oil is over 15 years old.
    Their price is on the higher side (compared to the patchouli oil prices prevailing on other EO websites). However the higher price may commensurate with the higher quality (considering it's vintage).

    I have also been advised that Cocoa oil and Vanilla oil are also some fantastic EO's and smell great when sniffed from the bottles.

    *No affiliation with either of the two sellers mentioned above*

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