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    Default Storing Unopened Perfume

    First post - thanks for all the help so far.

    I want to store a few boxes of Jaipur perfume for later use and wanted to know if the wine cooler recommendation already talked about on the forum is still needed for an unopened and sealed box.

    I really just want to throw it in my closet and forget about it. The closet only fluctuates 5 degrees +/- 65 and I live in a humidity-stable high rise. It seems like I could put a few boxes away and not have to worry 5-10 years from now.

    PS - I'm still looking for a replacement for the EDP version of Jaipur, any recs... Tried Le Male on a friends' recommendation - made me want to puke.

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    Default Re: Storing Unopened Perfume

    Welcome to Basenotes.

    I personally have never used any type of refrigerator for any new or used fragrances - and I have never had any problems. I just keep them in a closet/drawer in the bedroom.
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