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    Default Epic Man, safe for work?

    Amouage Epic Man is currently one of my favourites. I really never get tired of it and the most amazing thing about it is that i get no olfactory fatique whatsoever. Wearing it I am always aware of this scent and after a day at work, driving home in my car, I still get whiffs ot this wonderful woody, incency oud combo. It is quite strong however with literally epic longevity (I'm not sure about sillage though) and I reckon that somebody could be offensed by it. Hence my question: Would you say that Epic Man is suitable for daily wear and days at the office (besides the fact that wearing such a expensive scent for work is somewhat decadent)? If yes how many sprays would you apply (so far I used two, at my chest)?
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    I suppose it depends where you work.

    Honestly, I wear my Amouage scents to work, at home, while lounging around, and sometimes even to bed. They are all quite strong and so one spray usually suffices for me, and each spray is only about $0.20. Wearing 1 spray of a $280 scent is no more expensive than 4 sprays of a $70 scent - so that's something to keep in mind. Anyhow, I wouldn't worry about the expense element. For work, given that Epic Man not only has epic longevity and good to excellent sillage, I would only wear one spray of this, to the chest.

    In my opinion it may come across as a bit of a strange scent to those coworkers only familiar with designer offerings, but it's not so strange or outlandish that it would draw truly adverse reactions. I think you should go for it!
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    Absolutely. Epic man is outstanding! Great sillage and stayingpower. It has the same luxurious, "expencive" aura as most of the scents from Amouage. It`s strong stuff, so I think 1-2 sprays under your shirt will be perfect.
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    If you got it, wear it.
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    Have gotten several compliments when wearing Epic to work. 2 sprays. As Petruccijc says............

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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    OK. Thanks. I'm probably too careful when it comes to wearing scents but I don't want to be "that guy". Astonishingly enough, almost no one wears colonge over here. I never get complements but this is probably due to the fact that I am member of the managment and almost all my co-workers are subordinates and would not allow themselfs such a thing.

    Another good thing about this scent is also the fact, that it's best part is the drydown. It's wonderfully oud centered with an incence that has astonishingly solid staying power. There is however a somewhat pungent sour note, which could offend someone (does someone know what it is?). The opening also is very harsh. Dominated by freshly crushed pink pepper berries. But this has long faded once I'm at the office.

    By the way! What is the matter with the basenote directory? The last added scent, months ago, is still that Sarah Jessica Parker juice. Epic, created last year, is still missing. Would be great to have some reviews about this one!
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    I also miss Epic in the fragrance directory..

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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    Yes, wearing it today - 2 to the neck, 3 under the shirt. I've enjoyed it quite a bit today!
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    Of course it is....easy on the trigger...
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    Personally, I've always found very spicy scents among the hardest to wear to work, even compared to some of my "dirtier" options. I feel like they project a lot on me, but it could be that I just notice them better/longer.

    Just IMO. You should wear it.
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    I need to pull this sample back out. I don't recall getting much sillage from it so a retest is in order.
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    Default Re: Epic Man, safe for work?

    I like Epic Man a lot. It's one of the easier Amouage scents to wear. Nothing ambiguously unisex about it, like Amouage Gold, just a rich, peppery incense and leather type of fragrance. I would agree with most here that suggest going easy on the trigger and you'll be fine.

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