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    Default A*men Eau de Parfum?

    Not sure if this was already asked or mentioned.

    I received a email from Thierry Mugler about a private sale, and one of the pictures has the A*men bottle and under says, " A*Men Eau de Parfum" Is there a parfum version that I missed the news about?

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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    A*MEN EDP ?! Must, must resist from buying it.
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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    Looks like we finally found those WMD's...

    Edit - WMD = Weapons of Mass Destruction
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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post
    Looks like we finally found those WMD's...
    Whats is that?

    Heres a picture. Maybe it's a typo?
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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    It's a typo. Did you click on the link and look on the website?
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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    Bottle looks weird's either a typo, a fake, or an incredibly exclusive rare item. Personally I think it's just a typo/mistake.
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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    if this is legit, i might have just found my holy grail fragrance. i hope its real!!! (and not grotesquely expensive lol)

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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    When I click online, it doesn't say what strength it is, just Amen Collector. It does say that a wrist band is what is wrapped around it. But as far a strength, nothing.

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    Default Re: A*men Eau de Parfum?

    Because A*Men definitely needed more sillage and longetivity. Muahahaha.

    Anyway I think its real.

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