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    Smile Newbie - Looking for Resources

    Hi all -

    I have been using fragrances for 30 years, and since discovering Basenotes several years ago, have really developed my knowledge, love and hobby of fragrance considerably.

    I am looking into getting started in making my own scents. I was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction for some resources to get started. I guess what I am looking for would be suggestions of: books; magazines; websites; online perfume making classes or information; role models, teachers or other individuals in the US who could point me in the right direction; a list of vendors from whom I could purchase beginning materials, etc., etc.

    Any help and assistance would be much appreciated.


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    You've already found the place. Most of what you need is here on this forum or there above.
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    One word of caution - as you Google perfume making and search for suppliers of raw materials, exercise extreme caution. The Perfumer's Apprentice is a good source, but you will find many others, some of which are good and others not so much. I started out making all natural perfumes, since this is a more intuitive process than using aromachemicals, so my suggestion of where to start is with a basic selection of essential oils. Avoid the temptation to use "fragrance oils" or pre-diluted absolutes, especially those diluted in jojoba oil. Buying these materials will just lead to waste and frustration. If you plan on making a purchase, run it by the people here, who probably have experience with the supplier and materials. Believe me, it will save you a lot of trial and error and expense. Once you have some experience, check out the Yahoo Perfume Making Group, or the Yahoo Natural Perfumers' Group. There's a huge amount of expertise and information on both groups.

    Good luck, and have fun!
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    Thanks for responses so far!!

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