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  • Allure Homme

    1 5.88%
  • Angel Men

    4 23.53%
  • Body Kouros

    4 23.53%
  • Rochas Man

    8 47.06%
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    Default College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    So i'm dorming in the fall, and i need something for goin out. I currently have Gucci by Gucci and GPH2, but don't think they would work.

    I don't want anything fresh, but maybe a gourmand, or somthing thick/sweet.

    My list of things to look at are.
    Rochas Man
    Body Kouros
    Allure Homme "not sport"

    I really wana know how the projection is on Rochas Man. Is it to overpowering that it can't be used for close quarters? How would A*Men do if i applied it 30 min or so before goin out.

    Thx in advance, and I hope to hear what everybody thinks....

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    Default Re: College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    Wow, I was gonna say Rochas Man even before I opened the Thread. So that must really make it a good choice. I know some of the ladies really like A*Men, but there seems to alot out there, including myself, that find it a bit offputting. I think Rochas Man is just sexy chocolate all the way. Don't really know about the Kouros, but comparing a frag to urinal cake doesn't exactly qualify as a gourmand in my book. I use a sample of Allure as well. That's cool too.

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    Default Re: College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    I'm talkin bout Body Kouros man lol. It's supposed to be cotton candy sugar and incense. I myself have been looking at rochas most of all.

    My friend uses Fahrenheit, but i dunno bout that one

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    Default Re: College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    A*Men - too commonplace, too cloying.
    Rochas Man -too foody.
    Body Kouros - just right but go verrry light on the trigger.
    Allure Homme "not sport" - too 90's.

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    Default Re: College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    Seems you want a gourmand.

    Have you considered A*Men Pure Coffee? Like A*Men, only better.
    Armani Attitude - lady killer though its mainstreem, you'll smell super edible with a slight masculine edge to it.

    I would say Attitude. Safe and gourmand.
    I would say Pure Coffee - Daring, but gourmand.

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    Default Re: College Party Fragrance, NOT ADG!

    Any of the ones you listed except Allure Homme, or any of it's flankers.
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