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    Default Anne Klein Blazer

    Does anyone remember this great fragrance from the 1970s? It came in a square bottle with a label with a lion's face on it.

    I remember my mum ordering this for me when I was a teenager; I think there was some kind of special offer in one of her women's magazines where you got a bottle of the perfume and a blusher, or something. It was the lion on the label that attracted me; I had no idea what the perfume would be like. When my Blazer arrived, it was so different from what I had expected; warm and sophisticated, it made me feel instantly grown-up.

    No doubt Blazer is long since discontinued, but how I wish I could find something similar now. And how I wish I'd kept my empty bottle, with the lion.

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    Default Re: Anne Klein Blazer

    Here is a set that came with a set of buttons, apparently. I vaguely remember this fragrance, but I don't think I ever tried it.

    Here is an article that talks about Blazer's fragrance notes.


    Sounds like it was nice! I hope you find one you like as well. I know how it is to try to find something that replicates a well loved vintage fragrance. Vintage bottles - if you can find them - have usually turned. Not to mention putting a hole in your pocket.
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    Default Re: Anne Klein Blazer

    Are you still looking for a lion bottle of Blazer? I have one that smells great. Would be happy to mail it to you free, if you can tell me the logistics of mailing perfume from the US to England. Lisa

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    Default Re: Anne Klein Blazer

    Lisa, welcome to Basenotes! How very nice of you to offer, that's the spirit!
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    Default Re: Anne Klein Blazer

    Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your kind offer. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply; I have not visited the Basenotes forums for several months (avoiding temptation!)
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