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    Default Re: Summer fragrance - fresh with some masculine spice?

    Quote Originally Posted by MdGrwl View Post
    Wondering if you guys could make a recommendation on a fresh fragrance suited for summer, but with a masculine spice to it as well?
    It would help if you name a particular spice or "spice type".
    Also, when you want "fresh", would you prefer a citric?, aquatic?, green?, cooling or minty type of freshness?

    We can get this just right for your taste with more specificity.

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    Default Re: Summer fragrance - fresh with some masculine spice?

    I suggest Le Dandy by Parfums D'Orsay. A spicy scent with whiskey, tobacco and leather, pineapple and ginger with florals!

    Complex and wonderful for summer.

    Please note, the real Comte d'Orsay was not a perfumer, and this is all marketing spin from 1908. I do, in spite of this, enjoy the D'Orsay line.

    The original Le Dandy became a women's scent until the 1950s or so. I am referring to the 1990s reformulation and re-marketing to men.

    It is true that the Comte used a lot of perfume himself (eau de Cologne, and eau de jasmin on his gloves) and even took perfumed baths. He, his wife and mother-in-law also used orange flower water. There is only conjecture that Lady Blessington, his mother-in-law, was ever his mistress.

    This is hilarious: the following article states the Comte was exiled to London for supporting Louis XVIII. LOL! Since boyhood, he was a staunch Bonapartist. At the time of the French Restoration, he was only thirteen years old.

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