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    Question Le Male - Cologne Tonique

    Anyone have any info on this one? Spotted at my local Marshall's for $40.00. It's not in the BN directory and I cant find much info on it online. I checked the packaging and it didn't say as to whether it was an edc or edt.

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    Default Re: Le Male - Cologne Tonique

    It's more of a bodymist than either EdT or EdC.
    I have it, don't like it. It smells off in a way, on
    me that is ... don't know about you, obviously!

    On the sticker in the bottom of the bottle it says;
    Stimulating Body Spray!
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    Default Re: Le Male - Cologne Tonique

    I have a bottle of Le Male La Cologne Tonique. The bottle has the familiar male physique shape, minus the stripes and with a red "blush" over the torso in a smooth glass bottle. The fragrance itself is unmistakably the original, but also has a "tangy" note in it which tastefully mutes some of the sweetness. It has a bracing, cooling sensation especially when sprayed on the chest area - great for warmer weather.

    Would be nice if this flanker was in the Basenotes directory. ;^>


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