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    Default How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    Hey guys:

    I ordered samples of Eau D' Orange Verte from a seller on ebay. I got my package in the mail today, and they sent me samples of this other Hermes cologne called Eau de
    Gentiane Blanche instead. I just skin tested it today as well. It has a very earthy, perhaps rooty, smell to it. I was trying to research this gentian note a bit. I guess it is an earthy type note. I wonder if anyone can say how gentian compares to a note like vetiver? I know a lot of basenoters have a fondness for vetiver, but what about this gentian? I kinda think it smells like Terre D' Hermes without the orange my self. Since TdH is a vetiver scent, that is why I would like to hear how gentaine measures up. Also, I wonder if the ebay seller did me a favor by accidently shipping Gentiane instead of Verte. I was really looking forward to getting a few samples of that refreshing orange scent.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    I have sampled TdH, EdGB, and EdOV and

    1) Gentian root is an alpine flower, the root of which is used in bitters. However, my impression is that in EdGB, the flower is used, and lends a cool light floral note. It has no resemblance whatsoever to vetiver.

    2) Only you would know if the seller did you a favor, but my personal opinion is that EdGB is better than EdOV simply because it lasts longer than 30min on me. EdOV smells fantastic coming out of the bottle but I would burn through a 100mL bottle in one week if I wanted to actually smell it. EdGB does a little bit better at 4-6 hours and I think it smells great too.

    3) I think there are similarities between EdGB and TdH as well but I get very little of the vetiver in TdH, unlike most people, and don't consider it as much a vetiver scent as a woody. I really like TdH, though, and I think it's better than both EdOV and EdGB. To me, the EdGB is more of a green scent, white musk, a hint of incense; whereas TdH has that citrus opening, flinty notes, and a woody drydown.
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    Default Re: How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    I don't know gentian well enough to identify it, but two scents I like very much have it: the Hermes EdGB and also Magic Helvetia's La Base for Him. EdGB is very woody with something like a light incense note. LBfH is a herbal-pine-floral scent, very dry... like a very high-class Pino Silvestre.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    I'm smelling my arm with the EdGB again, several hours after application. It just kinda reminds me of a root cellar or something.

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    Default Re: How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    EdGB smelled like bell pepper to me.
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    Default Re: How do you feel about gentaine in cologne?

    EdGB smells like a pleasant burning wood. Great scent.

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