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    Default Who should wear what fragrance?

    We all get images of what a character or celebrity, real or not , alive or dead would wear when it comes to a fragrance. So without rambling on for all eternity I will get down to it.

    Bernard Lee the guy who played as M in the early Bond movies with Connery in my eyes would be a Vintage Tabarome guy. I could imagine him having flacons of it in his office with a brown leather bottle to match his leather chair. He comes off very stern, serious and professional just like the fragrance.

    What character or celeb would you match with a certain fragrance?
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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?

    I was wondering if Burt Reynolds ever endorsed any colognes back in the 70's, when he was huge.
    I'm thinking the Burt Reynolds of the classic Deliverance would be a Stetson guy while the Burt of Smokey and the Bandit movies would be more of a Jovan Sex Appeal type of guy.
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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?

    I was testing out Montale Black Aoud the other day and was struggling to figure out what sort of guy would wear this. It had to be someone pretty clean cut, young'ish, confident and bit meterosexual; I came up with Jude Law.

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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?

    the ralph lauren safari review in the guide says burt reynolds on a bearskin rug or something to that extent. his fame though predates me.

    i imagine gary cooper wearing montna parfum d'homme red box since he is from montana. claude montana however isn't but still the fragrance would still suit the coop. seems like a very rugged/ masculine fragrance. well suited for westerns. perhaps not as suitable as rl chaps or lonestar memories but still doable.

    i was trying to think of what colin firth would actually wear after watching the single man with various perfumey scenes. i don't mean the character, which is actually interesting in itself, but the choices were so few then that he could smell a well known fragrance on a woman. that's kinda hard to do now with all the new releases/ niche stuff. i guess tom ford italian cypress. even though he is english.
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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?

    Funny you mention Jude Law. I understand he actually wears Paul Smith Extreme, one of my personal favorites as well. I think it would be interesting to know what type of chocolate scent that Willie Wonka (Gene Wilder) would wear. I would hope Rochas Man myself. I would like to think that he would be repulsed by A*Men like me and many others.

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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?

    i was gonna say he seemed like a paul smith man but i was thinking why. and then i remembered his shoes in alfie were paul smith. although his scent was adp. jude kinda likes avant garde fashion so maybe he'd buy cdg sold in one of those boutiques he buys from. does the library have any scents?

    wonka would wear habit rouge beau cavalier! dandified and creatively sweet. not something like virtual chocolate. not speaking of rochas or amen btw. just generic choc scents.
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    Default Re: Who should wear what fragrance?


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