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    Thumbs up Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    At first, whenever I saw a topic regarding fragrances that go bad after a while I thought it was a complete #!@$ (you get the drill), until my Versace Eau Fraiche went bad after 3 + 1/2 years.

    My question to you is if you have noticed, in your current collection, a change in your fragrances, it doesn't necessarily need to go bad as I'm not talking about dramatic shifts, just slight modifications, maybe some notes that fade quicker, etc.

    For example, my Dior Homme bottle is relatively old, got it from a friend like two years ago, it didn't smell bad, just good, the iris note was noticeable, the suave vanilla drydown was still there after 6-7 hours, but when I sprayed it on my hand from the mall it was a different experience, much more dynamic, good projection, overall it was without any doubt much better. This is just an example, but I have noticed some slight changes in my Terre D'Hermes, Green Irish Tweed, Uomo? Moschino.

    If the answer to the question above is affirmative, then do you think the fragrance is to blame or maybe our perceptions of it?

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    Really? No-one has experienced this?
    Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    How do you store your fragrances? Away from light and heat?
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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    In my case, it seems to be my changing perceptions, not the chemical properties of the liquid.

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    Oops, I just posted a similar thread. Sorry. Yes, I have noticed this with some fragrances I have purchased from others (not Basenoters), but I have had some fragrances for more than 20 years with very little, if any change. I store my fragrances in a dark, cool space (an enclosed, wooden cd/dvd cabinet). I think heat must have something to do with changes to the fragrances over time, similar to wine. I am interested in learning more about this. Thanks for your question.

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    I have to agree with perception although storage is important. I think that the more natural oils a scent has, the more likely it is to change, though. It is well known that oils like patchuli and vetiver age/develop over time. You can even get oil extracted from fossilised amber:

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    Some of this perception is due to changes in temperature, humidity, and even barometric pressure.
    I tend to like certain frags during certain times of year, and not during others, but I've made sure to test every frag in cold/room temp/hot weather before buying. Takes longer, but after testing several thousand, these changes in perception imo must be accounted for to know if a frag is worth owning.

    As for the chemical composition of a fragrance changing over time:
    the designer or majority synthetic frags will stay the same for decade(s).
    It's much easier to control stability in any set media with synthetics or isolates.
    My only frags that I've noticed changes from new batches to old batches, that supercede changes in taste and perception from temp/humidity, are my Maitre Parfumeur's and my fresh/light Creeds.

    The maitres (pour le jeune and santal noble) I assume smell different due to reformulation, but perhaps the Brazilian Orange topnote has faded slightly in the vintage 90ml bottle. Unsure.

    As for the Creeds, MI and Erolfa are the only ones I like more when the are brand new fresh. My older bottle of MI is a little too rich and "rusty/irisy", but still awesome, I just prefer the sour/citric perfection of the fresher clear glass bottle. And my '08 flacon of EROLFA smells incredible, very seaweedy, citrusy, and briskly herbal/piney in a most naturally refreshing way. the testers from 04 and 05 all smelled really unimpressive and flat. I'm hoping my Erolfa doesn't age into that.

    As for the Creeds that imo get better with some age, both my older 05/06 GIT's are much more floral, much smoother and far superior to the newer '08 bottle, which has a strong presence of the citrust/cool water topnotes, and the woods and salty ambrox base are still slightly "seperate" in their aroma, it's as if the whole mid/base composition hasn't "melded" yet. We'll see. And I think that without question Selection Verte drastically improves with age. I have a new '08 flacon that imo smells too fresh/sharp/medicinal, where the citrus/peppermint/basil are still too edgy and acidic for the floral notes and light spices to shine though until the drydown. As it ages, I assume, from smelling many older testers, the lower aromatic components of the lemon, mandarin, and Lime (citral, methoxycoumarins, aldehydes) take hold instead of the limonene and sharp aspects of citrus oils. also the peppermint loses some of it's medicinal bite. I hope my new flacon eventually mellows out to the point thatthe older bottles are at, and I'm almost certain it will by smelling the new batches drydown.

    So I guess these changes in perception are times dictated by actual chemical changes in a frags composition, but probably more often it's due to temp/humidity, or perhaps even mood or general respiratory/sinus health.

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    Default Re: Fragrances are constantly changing (or maybe perceptions)

    Always keep fragrances away from heat and light.....I have many fragrances that are 5 to 10 years old and they have not changed.....The older ones have very little left so if they do go bad it's not that big of a deal.....I also keep as many as I can in the original boxes.....this seems to help.....Most of my costly fragrance is new.....And I'll have to be carefull for sure.....Another thing that helps as Your collection grows is buying smaller bottles.....This really helps.....There is a huge difference between a 1.7 and a 3.4 when You have 50 or more fragrances in a collection.....Those 1.7 bottles are easier to use and store!

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