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    Default Scents not smelling like the samples?

    I should begin by expressing that I don't suspect the scent houses of any chicanery, I'm simply making an observation.

    It seems that I get a sample, think it's great, order the product only to find that it's a tangible clash with my chemistry. I don't simply smell the bottle and say "that's great, I'll buy some", I use the whole sample over time, in "rotation", to make the decision. I've ended up with a couple of scents that I can't believe I thought were good on me ... and, supported by my wife who is extremely sensitive to scents. Plainly, I chose poorly, but why?

    Has anyone else experienced this? I don't suspect that there's any wrongdoing, but could it be that they're pulling samples from one lot and filling bottles from another? I'm at a loss for an answer, but I've made several really bad-for-me purchases lately that I thought I'd vetted thoroughly.
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    Default Re: Scents not smelling like the samples?

    Are you spraying the sample, or dabbing the sample on?
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    Default Re: Scents not smelling like the samples?

    Hey there
    happened to me a few times, and the exact opposite as well (it sampled bad, but was great from the bottle)

    the best way is to buy larger decants (4 or so ml) and see how you like it over a period of time.
    If you miss the frag after your done with the decant, its a keeper!
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    Default Re: Scents not smelling like the samples?

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    Are you spraying the sample, or dabbing the sample on?
    No, I really dislike sprays as it either limits me in where and in what quantity I place the scent, or, it wastes a lot. Usually I get the tiny ampules with the stopper and stick closure. I wipe the stick on the pulse points of my neck, and then invert the bottle on one palm, move it an inch or so, then remove it an rub my palms briskly together. If it shows promise, I'll put a drop or so on my fingertips and apply similarly, with a vigorous rub of the areas I applied it (behind the ears, center chest, and back of the neck. I may put another drop, maybe two, on my palms and rub them together).

    Maybe my application is wrong, but I do the same with the larger bottle when it arrives being careful not to over-apply.

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