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Thread: Vanilla scents

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    Default Vanilla scents

    Please name some perfumes which carry the fragrance of Vanilla? DO you own any of it?
    i need names of such perfumes.

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    What doesn't have vanilla these days? I think that is the question. Excuse the pessimsm

    Baldessarini Strictly Private comes to mind...
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    I find Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie by Creed to be a vanilla BOMB. (I have an official sample of it) Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla.

    If you're looking for it - JIE has it. A lot of it.
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    Default Re: Vanilla scents

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    I believe you can also check out Givenchy Pi, there's actually no vanilla in it, however it contains a compound called "Benzoin" which smells like Vanilla to many

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    Default Re: Vanilla scents

    thanks guys! i will definitely have a check on the links you provided.

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