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    Default Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    I have brought Aperšu on E-bay.
    I am really worried about buying fragrances on E-bay, but having been lucky with a bottle (tester maybe) of Kelly Caleche, and knowing not how else to lay may hands on it, I brought a tester of Aperšu.

    I decided to get it because of the reviews on BN, and because I love chypres. I am wearing it now, and it is rich and lovely and very interesting.
    I cannot compare it in the shop or with my own stash however, so I wondered if there is a Base Noter who would compare it with the genuine article if they have it in their collection?
    It should be allright, I mean, who would bother to fake a hardly known fragrance like Aperšu?
    I did not know about it until I came to basenotes!

    I think basenote members should help me out as it the result of the glowing reviews on basenotes that I splashed $60,- of my hard earned cash on this!

    So if anybody owns this fragrance and is willing to check it for me I would be happy to send a sample of my bottle. I am in California at the moment.
    If I knew for certain I could also add ''genuine fragrance'' to my feedback which should help other buyers on E-bay.

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    Default Re: Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    FrouFrou, I don't own it and I don't recall ever trying it back in the day. Sorry I'm no help! Just wanted to acknowledge your request, and I hope someone here will be able to help Good luck! Many of the old vintage fragrances can be challenging to track down and research.

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    Default Re: Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    What strikes you as unusual, or rouses your concern about the bottle you have, may I ask?

    It's a challenging scent for many, I'd imagine, not the run-of-the mill chypre: very deep, salted and heavy.
    Not for everyone. A lesson in chypre. Like an old Port might strike a white wine-enthusiast, the first time.
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    Default Re: Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    Lillybelle, thank you for responding, I think I was lucky to find a bottle on e-bay in the first place!

    Hillaire, my only concern is because of the many horror stories I've heard regarding buying fragrances on E-bay. I think I cannot believe my good luck? The bottle looks like the Houbigant bottle, it was sold as a tester without box or lid.
    I love chypres, and I particularly love this one!
    It is quite lovely and very distinctive and a beautiful fragrance without being sweet. Salted is a good description. Writing this down and sniffing my wrists I cannot imagine this can be a fake, so maybe I am stirring up trouble for no reason.
    I was looking for a new signature scent, I think this is it!

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    Default Re: Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    Hello FrouFrou - I would be most inclined to believe that your luck on EBay is Good! From what I've read and heard, it would seem that there is a market for "faked" fragrances mostly among highly sought-after fragrances, such as Chanel and Creed, to name a couple.
    For one thing, the Chanel bottles are simply elegant, with the emphasis this time on the word "simply" -- because it would be fairly simple to make a similar bottle, make a "simple" label, and fill it with....whatever.
    There would seem to be not much demand for a fairly obscure scent like Aperšu to make it an obvious candidate for the "faking" of the juice and bottle, right? Where's the incentive?
    I am a fan of Aperšu, and love to wear it in cooler weather. You're right in saying that it is distinctive, and because it is not widely worn or found, you are able to have a unique scent, just for you.
    Enjoy your bottle.

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    Default Re: Aperšu by Houbigant on E-bay

    Lorien, thank you and I agree I may be lucky then!

    One of the reasons I dared to buy it is that I couldn't imagine anybody going through the trouble of faking this, at most topping a used bottle up with alcohol.
    But I am wearing this since a few hours now and it smells sooo good!

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