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    Default favorite jo malone?

    just curious...

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Vintage Gardenia
    Honeysuckle and Jasmine

    ( Eager to try Red Roses ! )
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Pomegranate Noir
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I really enjoy White Jasmine and Mint and Vanilla and Anise.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    French Lime Blossom!!! (I love linden.) I absolutely CRAVE this frag! It is also heavenly layered with her orange blossom one....

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I have Orange Blossom, French Lime Blossom and Vintage Gardenia. I also have a set of minis (but none of which I like that much). I was crazy about FLB at first, but lately it just doesn't leave an impression with me. Maybe it's fading too fast in the heat. I still like them all. Orange Blossom is really pretty, but can be a bit strong on me. I wore Vintage Gardenia the other day and I felt it got better as the day wore on. But right now I'd have to say OB is my favorite.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I've tried all the ones at the Greenwich Saks but haven't found one that I can wear, yet. I have not yet seen a tester of Red Roses to try it, but plan to.

    Edit: So we visited Saks yesterday and I got to sniff at the bottle of Red Roses bath oil (they didn't have the edt)-- I'm glad I got the opportunity to smell it at last, but this is not the sort of rose I like to wear.
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    The only one I own is Vintage Gardenia. Most JMs do not "do well" on my skin.

    I also don't mind White Jasmine and Mint, but it's unusual enough that I really have to be in the mood for something like that...

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Vanilla and Anise
    Blue Agava and Cacao
    Sweet Lime and Cedar

    I hate the Lime Basil and the Amber and Lavender. I should have loved the latter but it turned into neither amber or lavender in any form on me.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Dark Amber & Ginger Lily all the way!!! It's one of my top 5 for summer. Funnily enough, I've been sampling Jo Malone the past couple of days. I happen to enjoy White Jasmine and Mint, which is surprising because I typically dislike indolic jasmine fragrances, and find even the minty effect of geranium to be off putting, but JM makes it work.

    Today I tried Orange Blossom, and while I at first found its sparkling sweetness refreshing in today's 90º+ weather (and I appreciate how she avoids indoles in both her jasmine and orange blossom accords), the straightforward, linear quality of this scent grew tiresome after a few hours. Ditto Red Roses, but I've been wanting to get an uncomplicated rose scent for layering and have decided there's no better one out there for that purpose (which I realize is the point of much of her line, so you therefore wouldn't want the usual development found in other fragrances).

    Some reviewers say Jo Malone has poor longevity, but that's not the case with my skin at all. The Orange Blossom has been going strong for over 8 hours now, Red Roses is very long lasting on me as well, and I often get about 10 hours from DA&GL. They are consistently the longest lasting line of fragrances I've ever worn.

    I also disliked Lime, Basil, & Mandarin. It does have development and I ended up with some very pungent, dirty patchouli in the drydown. Bleh.
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Mine are Pomegranate Noir and Vanilla & Anise.
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Dark Amber Ginger Lily! I'm itching to try White Tie and Tiaras though...

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Lime Mandarin Basil
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I love Orange Blossom and Blue Agava and Cacao. I had Red Roses but sadly had to give it to my step mother because it was just too strong on my skin.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Dark Amber and Ginger Lily. I'd get a full bottle of that. I also LIKE Nutmeg and Ginger (I love the ginger note), Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Nectarine Blossom and Honey, and Blue Agave and Cacao. These latter I have only sniffed once or twice, so my opinion may be a little weak!

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    as a guy...

    The only few I really liked were the sweet lime & cedar, and the pomegranate noire. The vanilla & anise is growing on me.
    I did NOT like the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily at all, made me completely nauseous.
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I like Jo Malone fragrances. well, since I've got about 13 full bottles I guess I LOVE Jo Malone fragrances. If I had to choose a favorite, I would have to say Dark Amber & Ginger Lily AND Blue Agava & Cacao. I wear those two the most and enjoy every minute of it!! :-)
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    White Tie & Tiara. It's pretty light floral that's perfect to wear out - It's there, but isn't overwhelming to the rest of the world. I'm wearing it a lot this summer. After that, I like Blue Agave and Cacao. The Lime Mandarin Basil body wash is delicious.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Black Vetyver Cafe — hands down one of my most useful fragrances.
    Pomegranate Noir — spices made tolerable by quality sweetness

    Still respect, even if I don't wear:
    Vintage Gardenia
    Orange Blossom
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Nectarine Blossom and Honey
    Orange Blossom

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Nutmeg & Ginger, Black Vetyver Café
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I bought Pomegranate Noir yesterday, and I do love it very very much.

    I can't wear a lot of JM scents, they can go a bit air freshener on me, like White Jasmine and Mint. but I tried the new Oud and Bergamot cologne Intense yesterday and it was amazing. They had sold out of it in Harvey Nicks in Manchester, but the SA was great and he sprayed it all over some tissue paper for me. I think it would make a really good unisex scent, I'd like to get it on my husband.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I wore Vanilla & Anise to bed last night, just one little spritz between the wrists from a sample. That is a lovely fragrance, and neither the anise nor the vanilla is overdone, it's nicely balanced. It reminded me of Après L'Ondée a little bit.

    Adding my thumbs down on the White Jasmine & Mint. It just didn't work on my skin.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Vanilla & Anise for me.

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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    My favorite is Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, it's on my wish list.
    2nd- Orange Blossom
    3rd- Honeysuckle & Jasmine
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    I would have to say Lime, Basil & Mandarin, but everyone's descriptions of some of the others makes me want to do more JM sampling, for sure!
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Adore JM. My faves that I wear often:
    Vintage Gardenia
    White Jasmine & Mint
    Pomegranate Noir

    Ones I love but don't have (yet):
    Dark Amber & Ginger Lily
    Honeysuckle & Jasmine

    Can't wait to try Iris & White Musk....
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    Default Re: favorite jo malone?

    Dark Amber and Ginger Lily

    Vintage Gardenia

    White Jasmine and Mint

    I spritzed on Nectarine Blossom and Honey at the Heathrow airport boutique; usually not my kind of frag , but I found myself loveing it.

    There are many, many, many I have not tried yet.
    Black vetiver cafe is at the top of my "must sample" list.

    And Iris and White Musk sounds like my cup of tea. Juice.
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