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    Default Re: SotD - Friday the 16th of July (Synchronized Guerlain Day)

    Guerlain Tokyo from a decant. There must be something wrong with that bottle, because I have lost 1/2 the amount in a short period of time, so I might as well use it.

    It is a pleasant tea fragrance, but it should have been a general release for much less money. I don't think it is worth $250.00

    Editing to congratulate Mr. Duckie on his 3000 posts!

    I hope I did not sound too cranky about the Tokyo, it is nice.

    I think i will spray some Shalimar Eau Legere before bed.
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    Smile Re: SotD - Friday the 16th of July (Synchronized Guerlain Day)

    Cologne du 68 by Guerlain.

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    Default Re: SotD - Friday the 16th of July (Synchronized Guerlain Day)

    Totally dropped the ball on this one. I ran out of the house this morning and spritzed on some Quartz, which was still lovely.

    Tonight I put on some Variations (vintage) by Carven, again totally forgot about Guerlain.

    So tomorrow I will have to put on a smidge of Sous le Vent from a lovely decant. Merci darling K.G.

    A huge cheer pour Le Grand Duc felicitations pour le 3000. Let us celebrate with a bit of Poison de Dior, you are worth it!!!!
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser sa source

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    Default Re: SotD - Friday the 16th of July (Synchronized Guerlain Day)

    Oh man I forgot about the scent synchronization. I had a craving for the sweet smellocules of Acqua Fiorentina today...*deep inhalation* good stuff
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

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    Default Re: SotD - Friday the 16th of July (Synchronized Guerlain Day)

    Just popping in to support Guerlain day with the first official wearing of a sample of Idylle I had lying around. Nice, but not exceptional. But still nice. I've certainly smelled worse, but Geurlain has done way better...

    I happened to pop by the Guerlain boutique today, too. Nothing new yet, but a whole lot coming in a month or so. I'm sure this is old news already, but they're expecting two new men's scents, representing two personalities, the dandy and the businessman. They're expecting the vanilla Shalimar soon, as well as the regular Shalimar in some sort of new art bottle. She also mentioned a re-release of a vaulted fragrance in bee bottle form, but it wasn't one I knew. She showed me a picture of its original bottle, hoping to jog my memory, but it pre-dated my interest in things such as Gurlain exclusifs. It was a rather pretty bottle with what appeared to be black beads wrapped around the neck and a little google time has shown it to be 2006's Nuit d'Amour, which shockingly has no reviews on Basenotes. But don't quote me on Nuit d'Amour - our resident experts will fill us in, I'm sure.

    Really, I'm mostly curious whether I'll be a businessman or a dandy. If forced, I think I'd imagine myself as a bit of both...
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