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    Default Do any Basenoters know anything about "Grilou" by Jacques Griffe of Paris?

    Found it in a thrift store. Never heard of it or him. Smells pretty good too!
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    Default Re: Do any Basenoters know anything about "Grilou" by Jacques Griffe of Paris?

    Monsieur Griffe was a clothing designer, who worked his way up from the bottom to success as a fashion designer. I can find no reference to his ever being a perfumer, so I would suspect the actual work on Grilou was done by a fragrance house under his supervision. Your find is a very interesting one and I, for one, would like to know what further you find about Grilou's history. If possible try to give us an idea of what the fragrance is like. We have some French speaking members, so perhaps a translation might be helpful.

    Here is a web address for the Perfumed Court where I found another fragrance by Griffe which they tout as very rare. Note how pricey it is for 1ml.
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    Default Re: Do any Basenoters know anything about "Grilou" by Jacques Griffe of Paris?

    Thanks for the reply Tesla. I did some quick research and discovered that Msr. Griffe was French and was a highly skilled coutourier with a salon in Paris from the late 40's to the late 60's. It seems he was incredibly talented and could do everything from sketching to sewing. However, it also seems he was a kind of poor woman's Christian Dior, always in that more famous designer's shadow. He had several perfumes besides Grilou. There was Enthoiusiasme, Mistigri, and Griffonage. Of course, due to age (and having no point of comparison) my bottle of Grilou may not smell anything like what Grilou is supposed to smell like. However, it does seem to have a lot of notes, so I would say I'm probably smelling the real deal. I'm terrible when it comes to describing notes...but I would say it is a spicy oriental with herbaceous florals on a leather base with a touch of cognac. Perhaps if you took some Coco, a little Youth Dew, and lightened them with some florals you'd have something like Grilou. Like Grilou, Griffe is now largely forgotten to time.

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