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    Default Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    I'm not too familiar with the YSL house, other than reading reviews. I own Live Jazz, which I love more and more as I wear it. I've tried Opium but and wasn't too impressed. Smelled like a less sweet more watered down version of Obsession. I didn't try it on my skin though, nor did I get much time to smell it (which was sprayed in the cap once) I'm willing to give it another shot, but I don't think it's gonna be my style based on what I have smelled, and the reviews I see. Then there's King Kouros, I don't wanna say too much because I may offend a Kouros fan ::Cough::idontwannasmelllikeb/o::cough:: LOL anyways, so Kouros isn't my bag either.

    I'm incapable of making a poll thing, but I will say I've been intrigued with Body Kouros for a while. Never smelled it, never even seen it until BN. I do enjoy Le Male, and Lolita Lempicka, so I think this may be good. But at the same time, I want something that smells different from what I have. I wouldn't want it to smell too much like LM or LL. I'm also a little interested in the original Jazz, but I'm afraid it may be more on that classic type style like Opium or Kouros. I know more people my age and younger who would wear Live Jazz, and probably Body Kouros (judging by notes and reviews) than the the originals. It's been said that neither of these smell even remotely like their flankers too. Then there's Rive Gauche, which I know has a ton of love. Not just on BN, but everywhere, wherever I see a review of RG, it's a good one. And, I'm not at all opposed to scents like that, I happen to love Azzaro ph. But, again, I have never smelled it so it may be too soon to tell, but from what I understand, one can get a general idea of a "barbershop" smell. I'm sure I'll actually purchase this at some point, because it just looks like a great classic.. even though it's newer. There are classics that come along every now and then that are just modern by their release date. But for now, I have a full bottle of Aph, and I feel like it's not priority. It's like, i already know I'm gonna like it, without having smelled it at all. It may be great, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna wanna wear it or have to have it, ya know? Of course you do!

    Anyways, so that brings me to this.. YSL ph. Not spoken of much, but I haven't looked passed it. I love lemon, and I enjoy vetiver (if done right) But is this not mentioned much because it's outdated? Do tell, as for now, it's a part of this poll.

    So it comes down to this.. everything stated except for Rive Gauche since I basically already have it, in my eyes, I just don't physically have it, nor do I need it now. I just know I'll like it, but I'm not gonna get any satisfaction with it now.

    So it comes down to these..
    Body Kouros
    Opium (willing to try again)
    YSL ph

    Please look back into my fragrance and select by rating, to see my likes and dislikes. I'm leaning towards Body Kouros now.

    Also on those newer ones brought to us in like 2006 and later, a few in the hexagon like bottles, are any of those worth wild? I know they get a lot of good reviews, but that good just mean it's a good basic versatile fragrance, which is not something I'm looking for now. I want something a little more unique, and I've decided to go with something from YSL. I'm also extremely interested in M7, but can't find it for as low of a price as these 4.

    Sorry if I bored you or seemed repetitive in this long post, I just wanted to be as specific as possible. All of your feedback will help me in my purchase, thanks!
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Opium PH EDP - great, strong and dense, solid sillage and longevity! also for the younger crowd
    M7 - gorgeous
    Jazz - correct, rather mature
    La Nuit De L´Homme - really nice, worth trying

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    You should try Opium pour Homme Eau d'Orient.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Cologneist View Post
    Body Kouros
    Opium (willing to try again)
    YSL ph
    From the list, I like Body Kouros. Jazz is a bit harsh for me, while YSL pH has a sweat-like note at the top. Re: Opium, I assume that you meant Opium pour Homme. Have you tried Opium (not the pH)? I like it better than the pH one. The EdT is wearable for men, IMHO.

    If you'd like a unique fresh scent, try Kouros Cologne Sport. It has the great part of Kouros without the difficult top notes, although at the expense of longevity and sillage.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Yes, you must try Opium PH again. Both the EDT and EDP. If you like LL and such, this is far superior to many, many compositions out there. Basenotes respected noses agree that it easily competes with Lutens. Now, I've never tried the flankers but I think that's a good suggestion. If you're being picky about OPH, I'm not sure you'd want to go for the more unusual Body Kouros.

    M7 is also great more challenging for some.

    RG is very easy to wear not challenging at all. You can't go wrong here at the current prices.

    As for YSL PH, it's not outdated at all. It's a take on the classic cologne style citrus scent but not boring at all. Both concentrations will do. The EDT is brighter and cleaner smelling with outstanding longevity for its genre. The Haute Concentration is more dirty herbal with a dustier vetiver finish. It's not for the faint of heart. The top notes are very fruity and long lasting and I think you get very good value here. I always have it as part of my summer citrus. The dustiness makes it perfect for the fall also.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Opium PH - IMHO it's far better than CK obsession (I've used both enough to tell this). Give it another try with an open mind.

    Jazz - Underrated scent. I'd recommend that you try it. This one has moderate projection, but is surprisingly long lasting on my skin. About 10 hours!

    M7 - I don't like it.

    YSL PH - This probably has the purest smell of fresh lemon ever. This disappeared too quickly on my skin and so I didn't buy it.

    Body Kouros - This has a very unique vibe to it. It's sweet, camphorish, daring, and has a sexy scent.

    Be a man and try Kouros! (assuming you haven't done that yet). It's among my top 5 since what seems to be forever.

    YSL is a great house and they churn out some pretty decent scents at reasonable prices. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Opium Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Thanks guys. I have tried Kouros a couple times, but it I couldn't stand the top notes, nor did I care for the base. I'll give it an A for projection though.

    I'm really leaning towards Body Kouros still, but I don't want it to smell anything like Le Male, Rochas Man, Lolita, etc. Hopefully next time I'm at TJ Maxx though, there will be another open box of Opium, and I can actually give it a spray or 2 on my skin.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    YSL is a great house. I recommend Jazz, Opium, Kouros, Rive Gauche, and M7.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    I really like the smell of opium and its got me hooked one just sniffing myself everytime i smell it! m7 imo has a very nice agarwood which is a bit spicy. Its quite nice as well. Jazz i wasnt too impressed. YPH i have never tried.

    for body kouros, i have bought it and i love it. It will not smell like le male or rochas man. However i did notice that the top-mid notes at least on me, smells like au masculine without the anise. Its pretty nice, smokey, with a slight eucalyptus which makes it slightly fresh. I get vanilla and caramel with it. At least thats the vibe i get! Over time, i think i get more incense so it becomes more smokey. Thats just on my skin though. I got over 12 hours on it. A nice buy imo, but just an opinion

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Rive Gauche is a brilliant fragrance. I can't believe this was released 2003.

    PH haute concentration on the other hand makes me feel like I was shoveling shit in the monkey house all day while being bombarded with old lemons on a hot summer day.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    I smelt La Nuit De L´Homme again last night .... you know I still love the top and middle of it but those basenotes are so boring and generic , I dont regret gifting this one

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Rive Gauche pour Homme
    Body Kouros
    Live Jazz

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    What I know of you, Body Kouros you'd probably like followed by Opium Pour Homme. Though OPH may be a bit too old school for you.

    Good luck with sampling Body Kouros. I've never seen it anywhere. You might find it at a cologne cart or some such. I don't even think they sell it at the YSL store in Beverly Hills.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Why must the purchase be YSL? Just curious...

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by KMF View Post
    Why must the purchase be YSL? Just curious...
    Because, I only own one YSL fragrance atm, and this one has become my "exclusive" fragrance for summer. Leaving me with a good impression of YSL, this having nothing to do with the hype. As Creed is overhyped imo, but then again I've only tried 2 Creed frags. I felt the same way about YSL, but after using Live Jazz, it opened me up to their house. Just as it would with anybody, or any other house for that matter. I don't wanna try everything from them, hence the point of this thread. I wanna see if their quality of fragrances is consistent, or if it is just hype; and now that they have grabbed my attention, I don't mind springing 20 or 30 bucks for something else from them.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    body kouros and/or rive gauche

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Buy the Opium and Kouros summer editions. Then get yourself some Rive Gauche and M7. Find some Nuits De L'Homme and call it a day. Avoid L'Homme and Body Kouros. I'm speaking because I know.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBond007 View Post
    body kouros and/or rive gauche
    I second that.

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Rive Gauche PH
    Opium PH Eau d'Orient
    Kouros Fraicheur

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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Previously owned a few, and tried a couple more, but the only one I kept is M7.

    I would probably re-purchase Body Kouros at some point.

    Based on what I perceive of your preferences, you'll most probably enjoy BK. M7 as with most people, is quite a love or hate one.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    I've got to stick up for YSL Homme, the old citrus beauty that was the first of the house's men's scents. It's one of those that instructs on what a citrus scent means. I've got it in the Haute Concentration mix myself and like it lots, but the non HC mix is also good, has more citrus too, but seems to be more prey to the short longevity problem citruses have than the HC.
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    Default Re: Next YSL Purchase Help Please!

    Body Kouros
    Smells wonderful, but then again probably too similar to your existing collection to be a satisfying buy.

    Opium (willing to try again)
    You tried it. You didn't like it. What else can be said? You can train your nose to like it (just like I did to Kouros), but why bother swimming uphill when there's other rivers that you haven't tried?
    I am not compatible with Opium, myself. Too 'obstentatious' for me

    YSL ph
    The comments I read about it being "lemon mixed with male sweat" are correct (for most of the time that I wear it). It has an "old" feel that is calming and confidence-boosting for me. I like it, but if you dislike Kouros (which I love), you might not like it.

    The only logical choice would be Jazz ph, if you stick to YSL.
    To me, it is a beautiful woody floral that can easily be bottle-worthy for me, if only I didn't have a bottle of VCA Tsar already

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