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  • Abercrombie Fierce

    10 58.82%
  • Chanel Allure

    7 41.18%
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    Default Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    Hey guys, if you've seen my other thread, yesterday I went out and sampled Fierce, Fuel for Life, and Cool Water. I didn't even bother with Jake as it didn't seem very well made. Out of all those four, Fierce was by far my favorite. Cool Water seemed bleh and Fuel For Life had such a strong.. piercing note that stung my nose anyways.

    However, I just happened to sample the Chanel Allures on tester paper at Macy's. It's a pity I didn't get a chance to spray some on my skin. On paper, the original Allure smells very similar to Fierce, I almost can't tell the difference. Allure and Allure Homme Sport also smells very similar in its own right, the only flanker that stood out was Edition Blanche since it smells more lemony than the others.

    After some time I decided that the original Allure was better than the other flankers. At the same time, Allure did smell very similar to Fierce. It also costs roughly the same. I think that the opening notes are basically the same, just that Fierce's basenotes is more musky while Allure's is more woody (at least that's how it looks when I read its ingredients.)

    I am torn between the two so I'm probably going to buy the one with the best sillage and longevity. In your opinion, which fragrance is honestly better in these two categories and overall scent? Just try to ignore the brand name if it consciously or subconsciously sways your judgment in any way, I would really appreciate an impartial comparison on the juice. I'll also be sure to sample both on the skin next time I hit the mall, thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    Both Fierce and Allure have excellent longevity and sillage, but Allure is definitely more of a unique fragrance for the younger crowd. I prefer the overall scent of Allure slightly over Fierce, it evolves from a citrus opening to a spicy sweet drydown.

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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    My pick is Chanel Allure.

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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    i probably prefer allure but to me its way too strong for the summer heatl

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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    my pic went to Fierce. Not only because I love it but, I find the tobacco note in channel allure to be irritating to me.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    Equal sillage and longevity? Cuz I heard that Allure can last upwards to 11 hours.. I also sampled Egoiste Platinum which was supposedly a better version of Fierce. I don't see the comparison at all, Egoiste Platinum's top note are very bitter, almost metallic. It probably does smell like platinum which would be a very fitting name. I really have to train my nose better..
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    Default Re: Abercrombie Fierce vs. Chanel Allure

    Most definitely Fierce.
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