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    Default The Guerlain with Multiple Personalities.

    I speak of Shalimar, iconic top seller for Guerlain. OMG! There is Shalimar extrait, Shalimar EDP, Shalimar EDC, Shalimar Eau Legere (two versions), and next Ode de la Vanille. It doesn't stop there. Think of all of the "Limited Editions" like Oiseau de Paradis and more. So, where am I going with this? I would like to see a return to new fragrances of quality that will become the classics of tomorrow and that will not happen by resting on the laurels of Shalimar. Where are these new fragrances? IMO Idylle certainly isn't one. Where are the new classics. Time to send the marketing people on a long vacation and get the creative people working. Don't get me wrong. I love the house of Guerlain, enough to care what happens to it. I have Mitsouko flowing in my veins.

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    Default Re: The Guerlain with Multiple Personalities.

    I think it is just like pretty much any other "consumer-focused" industry or business these days.

    It's about consolidating resources, shifting resources, focus, to "key industries," maximizing profits, minimizing costs.

    Those "new fragrances" on the level you are talking about, inasmuch as they are happening at all, will be being developed by dedicated but "unknown" artists, making small batches in their basements, driven more by passion than by money.

    Whether any one of us ever owns one of those fragrances will depend largely on a combination of happenstance and our individual willingness and wherewithal to take a chance on trying out the work of some unknown, individual fragrance artist!

    Most of us will never hear about them. Even if we do, some of us may be more likely to spend our limited resources on something we know, others may be more fortunate in terms of resources, but be more inclined to do our adventuring and experimenting with names we know - in short, it's just about marketing, and a changing world!
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    Default Re: The Guerlain with Multiple Personalities.

    I agree with most of what you say but I do love Idylle ,I am just sorry it doesn't come in perfume strength. Maybe good perfume isn't valued like it should be ( like fine wines) with so much trash coming out the exquisite value of a really quality scent is degraded?

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