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    Default Help me updating my mom wardrobe

    Hi guys, I really need your help to pick some new fragrances for my mom. She has been using fragrances long before I started and she has many bottles in her wardrobe. However, those are the ones that given to her as gifts and as far as I know, she's not really enjoy those scents.

    Therefore I'm planning to buy her some more (maybe a lot more) fragrances that she's really enjoy.

    My mom likes gourmand scents and the ones she really likes are:
    L de Lolita Lempicka
    Guess By Marciano
    CK Euphoria

    I have a couple in mind such as the Lolitas, Hypnostic Poison, Miss Dior Cherrie, etc. But since the woman fragrance world is too broad. I need some suggestion.

    The fragrances I'm looking for are those that can be purchased easily in Tj Maxx, Marshall or online. Niche or harder to find ones are not an option for me right now so please do not suggest those.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Help me updating my mom wardrobe

    Your money is probably best targeted toward getting her a variety of samples, which would be fun for your mom to experiment with.

    You may already know that if you're in the U.S., you can get up to 10 samples for $2.99 each from

    Your suggestions seem to be along the same lines as your mom's preferences. Good job! If she likes coconut and mango, I'd add Chopard Casmir to the sweets list.
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    Default Re: Help me updating my mom wardrobe

    I think if she likes her L de Lolita,she would like Fleur de Corail(also by Lolita Lempicka).Also,she would probably enjoy ck Obsession Night and I picked both of these suggestions up myself recently at my local T.J.Maxx.
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    Default Re: Help me updating my mom wardrobe

    +1 on the Fleur de Corail. Also, I recently picked up Roberto Cavalli's Oro (a sweet vanilla with a cinnamon note that I really enjoy), and I also saw YSL Cinema that I wish I had bought. Good luck and how nice that you're updating your mom's perfume collection!
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    Default Re: Help me updating my mom wardrobe

    Would highly recommend the samples route.

    Any of the Muglers are above standard gourmands. Personally prefer the Eau de Star because it is not too heavy.
    Britto Woman is a great inexpensive alternative to Mugler.
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