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    I want to find the best jasmine scent, but I don't think it has been created yet...

    I am wearing Fracas parfum today, and I would like to have sublime jasmine...
    I thought I could like Sarrasins, but it's too soft and not deep
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    Default Re: Jasmine: The Queen of the Night

    Joy by Jean Patou for gorgeous deep jasmine.
    Jasmal by Creed for grren fresh on the tree Jasmine.
    Bruno Acampora 's Jasmin for rockin' deep sultry Jasmine.
    Sambac By Ajne for natural and really indolic Jasmine. ( Not one I like tohugh )
    A la Nuit by Sergie Lutens - always a goodie.
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    Just a comment - the statement that jasmine's fragrance is destroyed by distillation is just not true. A quick check of Poucher reveals that it is a sublime oil when distilled, but very, very expensive. I have in my collection a number of hyrodistilled jasmine oils, from fresh flowers as well as distilled from the concrete produced by hexane extraction, from both jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum. I have personally distilled jasmine oil, and it is wonderful albeit VERY costly to produce. A jasmine oil distilled from fresh flowers is called a "ruh" in India. And ruh motia (sambac) and ruh chameli (grandiflorum) can be found, though it's not easy and most oils sold as such are fake. Just thought you'd like to know. The myth of jasmine being un-distillable has been repeated over and over and over, but this just isn't true.

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    when I'm in the mood fro jasmine, I layer Diorissimo (extrait) with oud oil and then I spray oakmoss on top of it. My oakmoss absolute bottle is almost finished. I need to order a good synthetic one soon.

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    Just a comment........
    Contact the author. Perhaps you will both learn something.

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    Default Re: Jasmine: The Queen of the Night

    Jamine Noir by Gulgari is very nice but a little dark. Try it if you can my mother wears it and smells fantastic on her
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