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    I didn't love this it when I tested it last spring. But after testing this for the last few days, the cool autumn weather has made me fall in love with it. I smell the oud, the cumin, the civet, frankincense. It lasts for hours, has good projection and a very intriguing evolution. I like the fact that it isn't sweet and yet has a fullness to it. Something about it reminds me of Etro's Messe de Minuit. I am annoyed that it only comes in 100 ml bottles, as I only buy 50 mls. I need to sell something off and get a bottle of this.

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    Initially it was love at first smell. I literally got goose bumps when i sprayed it on my wrist and had to fight every urge in me to instantly buy a bottle. I'm so glad I didn't succumb to them, later during the day it evolved into an sweaty man armpit smell. Disgusting. Now I know what you may be thinking, but no, my wrist doesn't usually smell like armpits. Love the opening but it's a pass from me.

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    i got a sample vial. I have not tried Black Aoud, but Al Oudh has plenty of oud to my nose. It seems to have plenty of power too, although the cumin is doing a lot of the work. I don't get why anyone would call it thin, watery etc. I think this one shows up the individual differences in olfactory response. I like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post

    But I'm curious if anyone think it smells like a watered down Amouage...
    Definatly , its like a slightly sweeter more transparent Jubilation XXV " lite " imho

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