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    Default Dunhill X-Centric VS Hugo by Hugo Boss

    Hey Guys:

    I used to wear Hugo pretty much everyday as my signature scent. Now that I have a large selection of frags, I only use it occasionally now. One day I got some samples of Dunhill X-Centric. My impression is that it is quite similar to Hugo, but a little less sweet and a bit more floral. I feel that they are both decent frags, but X-Centric may be a bit more mature than Hugo. Anybody else try both and have an opinion about these two?

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    Default Re: Dunhill X-Centric VS Hugo by Hugo Boss

    Wow, I haven't thought about X-Centric in ages! A forgotten gem. I can see a vague comparison to Hugo, but I find them each to be good in their own way. X-Centric was kind of popular when it came out and then seemed to drop off the face of the earth. I remember getting so many compliments from women when I wore it. I find that it's maybe a bit "youngish" but could be worn by guys in any age range. Whereas Desire for a Man was all sour apple and candy, X-Centric had a nice masculine floral quality with a bit of bite. I liked the magazine ads with the piranhas. I may have to go get another bottle of this!

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