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    Default Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Hey, I'm right on the edge of pulling the trigger on Incense Rose and Incense Extreme and I am wondering which of Tauers creations other than the widely approved (personal favourite of mine,) l'Air du Desert Marocain elate you.

    Lonestar Memories is another one that fascinates me.
    Dry, dark and dusty it reminds me of an old, forgotten library with books of parchment incorporated in leather.

    I think I will have to reexamine this house and would love tohear some input.

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    Default Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Lonestar is easily my favourite, and Incense Extreme is probably next in line. I think that Tauer's work, when taken as a whole, is absolutely tremendous. A 'showcase review' of the entire range will appear on my blog in the next few weeks.

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Incense Extreme & Lonestar Memories are both good but I'd rather own CdG Avignon & Patchouli 24...same scent categories but better fragrances overall.

    Incense Rose is a love or hate scent. The rose note can get a bit tangy though if worn in cool weather it blooms quite nicely.
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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Incense Rose

    I am anxiosuly waiting to try the new one: Carillon Pour Un Ange
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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Une Rose Chyprée. If it had more projection and the clementine opening was replaced by something more complimentary to the drydown, it would have been a perfect creation.

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Really? I find Une Rose Chypree extraordinary radiating.
    If it wasnt for the yet too exorbitant €/ml rate I would order it right away along with Incense Rose.

    @petruccijc: Do you have a link with further information on this one?

    Sorry, found it.
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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Favorite Tauer? Oh, that's easy - Orris. It's brilliant. Best thing he's ever done in my opinion, and it's a shame he discontinued it.

    Given his stated reason for discontinuation was the cost to produce it, I hold on to a small hope that Orris may some day be released in the small-bottle high-price "Homage" series, joining Une Rose Chypree and the new Carillon Pour Un Ange.

    Speaking of which, Une Rose Chypree is my second favorite after Orris. I agree with Trebor's comments, though, and its longevity issues are what put me off owning it. Beautiful fragrance, though.

    Other than those two there's not much I can imagine owning in the Tauer line. I don't like either of the incenses at all. Lonestar is just gross. L'Air I just don't like as much as I thought I would; too sweet.

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Une Rose Chypree is my favorite with L'AdDM coming in second to it. I'm very interested in trying his new Carillon Pour un Ange and Une Rose Vermeille.

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Sorry people, but this is it?
    There's got to be more Tauer fans out there, not only for the brave, favourite contendor...

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Bump. just wanna share some thoughts.

    I wanted to let you know I finally got the Incense rose, actually the first niche I paid full retail in store for.

    Great stuff, fizzy, tangy rose backed up with a great heavy incense.

    Just wow and one of my first thouroughly pleasurable rose scents (damn i wanna smell that rose 31 ).

    I suspect I'm anything but done with this house, especially with the cooler weather coming up, IMO thats when Tuaers heavy busters are most appropriate.
    I'm actually scared I might fall for Une Rose Chypree entirely sooner rather than later. From then on the nasomattos ml/€ rate wiouldnt be far :S
    Smellin good

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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    Incense rosé
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    Default Re: Best Tauer EXCEPT l'AdDM

    the two incenses, rose and extreme (diacritics notwithstanding) are works of art. IR was the culmination of my own personal quest for rose holy grail, and every single time I wear it I fall completely in love, all over again. ditto to IE.

    Orange Star is amazing, but to me is a bit of riff on IR. I own it, though, and don't think twice about the purchase.

    personally, the only Tauer I don't like, and I've tried them all, is Reverie au Jardin. just didn't work on me, in a BIG way.

    so, to answer the question, I'd say that an absolute must-have is Incense Rose. But, clearly there is a very mixed perspective on it. However, isn't that always the case with great works of art?

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