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    Default Hermes Equipage question

    Hi guys!

    I´ve just noticed, that there´s not only the old splash-bottle and the newest incarnation of Equipage, but also a bottle with a large red cap (25ml/.8 fl oz).

    How old is such a bottle and how does it compare to the other ones in smell? Something worth hunting down, if the price is right or would you buy the latest version instead?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    Anything but the current version in the "lantern" bottle would be better although the current formula is decent but clearly inferior.
    Splash-on or spray bottles with the larger irregularly shaped caps are good. These can be in a box covered in the Hermes H (oldest) or with a picture of a kayak. The current box has a horse and carriage larger picture in a watermark sort of way.
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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    I did not know Hermes changed the Equipage formula. Can anyone confirm? I have the new version and quite like it.
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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    I like the new Equipage.

    I know they did a reformulation for Amazone with the new, more modern bottle, sad to say.

    The current boxes on all of the Hermes scents show the carriage and the boy-groom, a reference to the time in the 1830s when Hermes was a Parisian harness and tack maker to the wealthy and aristocratic of Europe. Actually, I like this logo.
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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    That´s the bottle I´m talking about, btw.

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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    dannyboy, yes that's vintage Equipage.

    LiveJazz, yes it's been reformulated. The vintage juice is a bit more grimy, if that makes sense. Colder, if you will. The new is a bit more sparkling. Very close, but there is a difference.

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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    I have both versions and prefer the new version as it projects and lasts longer. The clove and rosewood are pumped up more. The old one, while still really good, reminds me of Halston Z-14 which is a good thing in my perfume book.
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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question


    Ok, I finally decided that it´s more important to replace some stuff I miss before I buy backups, BUT...

    ... I had found vintage Equipage (like in the picture I linked above) on Ebay Germany. 19,99€+shipping for 25ml. Not bad. In the article description is a reference number, that is found on the box and, being the skeptical person I am, I contacted the Hermes customer support. They replied, that they can´t find such a number in their system?!!!

    Is the bottle too old, so that it´s not in the system, or what?

    Any thoughts? Just to prevent people from buying something they don´t want.

    If there´s nothing wrong with it, this is a pretty good deal, if someone is interested, I guess.

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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    dannyboy, there's no picture link...I don't see it at all.
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    Default Re: Hermes Equipage question

    The link from the 19th of July. That´s how the bottle on looks like.

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