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    Default Frapin's L'Humaniste

    After something of a fragrance shopping spree I may have found what could be an HG - Frapin L'Humaniste.

    I've read the description of notes on luckyscent, but I'd really rather convey my thoughts based on what the cologne conjures up for me. I believe the name L'Humaniste could not be more appropriate in this case. It gives the air of gentility, sophistication, and intelligence. It is far more than tolerant (as Frapin called it)... it is as if the tolerance of the past has become the understanding, acceptance, and openness of the present. It is at once compassionate and objective. Formally educated, yet experienced. Expensive yet valuable. It truly is that fine line that makes a person debonaire without being clownish. Having character versus being a character.


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    Default Re: Frapin's L'Humaniste

    This is a beautiful perfume. It is on my short list for a decant or even a full bottle. It smells like a vodka tonic, it is elegant and fresh at the same time.

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    Default Re: Frapin's L'Humaniste

    Great fragrance! Glad you like it.

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    I really like the sweet gin note, this is a good summer scent. I just wish it came in a 30 ml bottle, I don't need 100 ml of it.

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    I love this stuff, it lasts a very long time on me. Terre de Sarment is another good one and as furrypine says above, it's a pity they don't also sell these in a 30ml bottle, or certainly a 50ml bottle.

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    Top quality fragrance and definitely unisex. I purchased this for myself, but my girlfriend is always having a quick spray when she finds it, as I have to hide most of the scents I have.

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    hehe cute story Craig. It should be noted that I'm a female... but I really don't think that should matter. In perfumery or elsewhere, which I think is in keeping with the spirit of L'Humaniste

    Wearing it now- glorious!


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    I too really like it. Though if I were to change anything it would be to lower the potency of the lemon note. Other than that, it's great.
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