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    Default Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm wondering if any of you know where I can get hold of Patou Pour Homme in HK. Is it available here?


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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    Welcome to basenotes, Jonas!

    I was fortunate enough to find a 60ml bottle from the owner of a small perfume shop that closed down a few months back, but unless you have any personal leads from friends in the biz my guess is that the chances are slim - believe me, I have tried

    There's a bit of info about HK in the Cities threads BTW.

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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    Hey olfactory! Welcome to bnotes! There's a lot in Ebay. I just hope they're not fake...

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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    I actually wonder about the possibility of Shanghai being a mine for vintage - it was the Paris of the East in the 30s, after all. I'm sure there are a few little shops tucked away there with stuff gathering dust on shelves. I found some antique bottles in one of the more touristy lanes but would love to explore some more some time . . . let us know if you find anything volley2?

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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    Will sure do Mr. Reason. I've looked around, but it's VERY RARE that you find these RARE Vintage perfumes. hahaha. I found one shop that sell vintage Chanel no. 5 and Cristalle and that's it.

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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    I don't know Hong Kong well enough to point you in any directions, but the possibility certainly exists that you might run into a bottle in an unexpected place. Through a tip from a Los Angeles Basenoter, I found a bottle in a most unusual spot- a small convenience store that serviced an office building plaza with little or no exposure to "walk in" traffic.

    It was a tiny, tiny store, and for some odd reason the owner had a case full of frags- Patou Pour Homme being one of them. Glad I bought it, but I must say I get the impression that this bottle sat for years and was stored in very poor circumstances (probably exposed to lots of heat). I get what the scent smells like, but I believe it has lost all it's "power." It fades very quickly for something that has been so highly regarded.

    (FYI- several LA Basenoters have descended on the place since I first posted about this. There is NO more Patou Pour Homme there. And if there was anything else significant, one of the people who charged in there after me would have snagged it)

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    Default Re: Patou Pour Homme in HK?

    LOL -- Imagine what it was like for the shopkeeper to suddenly have this wave of new customers buying up bottles that had sat in the shop for years.
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