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    Default Mugler Cologne hotel toiletries... Count me in!

    I always thought that Mugler Cologne would be a good scent for a hotel toiletry line.

    Apparently Groupe G-M thinks so, and signed a license with Clarins to produce such a line:

    Some of the hotels with the line that I have found:
    -Fiesta Americana Grand, Cancun, Mexico
    -The Villa by Barton G., Miami, FL, USA (Giannni Versace's old villa)
    -Westin, Paris, France
    -Bowood Hotel, UK
    -Holiday Inn Elysees, Paris (the chain typically stocks Bath & Body Works in the US)

    Being the fan of the scent that I am, I want to stay in a hotel with the line...
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne hotel toiletries... Count me in!

    good investigation , you should be Felix Leiter lol.

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    Default Re: Mugler Cologne hotel toiletries... Count me in!

    They did a good job on the design, I really like the pebble-like bottles. Kinda big for hotel amenities at 80 ml, but that just mean there should be plenty of product to take home after a weekend. I hope they didn't tamper with the formula and took out the secret and infamous "S" note.
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