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    Default Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    I am 17 and I have a fairly decent cologne collection for my age. I am looking for 3-4 new bottles for my senior year at school. I tend to be a "ladies man", and I am told quite frequently that I smell amazing, I even have girls grabbing onto me to smell my clothes some days. To describe a little more about me I workout a lot and I am a jock, (football and hockey). Here's my current collection:

    American Eagle 77
    American Eagle Real
    Hollister SoCal
    Abercrombie Fierce
    Givenchy Very Irrisistable
    Banana Republic Slate
    David Beckham Intimately
    David Beckham Instinct
    Bulgari Aqua
    Victorias Secret Very Sexy
    Diesel Fuel For Life
    Burberry London
    Drakkar Noir

    So my collection is sort of all over the place, but I've heard very positive reviews about:

    Givenchy Pi
    JPG Le Male
    Dolce&Gabbanna Pour Homme
    Chanel Allure Pour Homme

    Would any of those be good to purchase, and would you recommend to me anymore? I tend to aim towards more mature scents (aged 21-30), as I think they smell better and they better suit my life style.

    Any help is appreciated!

    1st post!

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    Default Re: Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Now, you seem to have a pretty good idea there... I'll elaborate.

    Allure and D&G are very, very good for your age group - I see more and more high school or college students with them every day, and they're very nice fragrances for high schoolers.

    Pi is another popular one with your age, too. Delicious vanilla. Good.
    Finally, Le Male. It's another delicious one, and pretty nice (IMO), but again IMO, it's become so extremely popular that its difference from the run-of-the-mill aquatics has all but worn off.

    Allure, D&G PH, and Pi are all good to me... but you try them out, see if you like them or not, and, if it suits you, even give Le Male a try. It's important to remember that you wear fragrances for yourself, so if you love Le Male, wear it.

    I certainly hope I helped.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    actually, I think you've chosen some pretty solid age-appropriate frags there. the D&G might be a tad old for you as might the burberry london.
    All four are probably a slight step up in terms of quality from your current rotation.

    Drakkar huh... maybe there are some better choices for that type of family. If you like Bvlgari, try bvlgari blu.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    I think Zirh Corduroy would be a good one to check out. It's pretty cheap and smells great, expecially around fall and winter time.

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    Default Re: Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    If you're looking for another compliment getter just cop Acqua di Gio though it looks like you're set in that department. I mean if I was a ladies man, I'd just pick up chicks with an unwashed arm pit drenched in 3 days of pure sweat to be quite perfectly honest.

    If you're buying a fragrance mature scent just for you I would cop Van Cleef Pour Homme. Now THAT's a powerhouse. Probably will get you fewer compliments from the ladies but people will know you mean business when you wear it. Very jock-ish but in a different sort of way. Think of a very confident business man in a power suit. I'd reserve it for special occasions like job interviews or scaring other kids away with an awesome display of pure testosterone.. It's honestly great, check it out, coming from a non-jock.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing some new fragrances for back to school

    I would recommend something sweet like Rochas Man or Angel Men...I am sure the high school girls will love either of those

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