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    Default Niche Fragrance Samples

    I have been buying all of my niche fragrance samples from Luckyscent. Do you know of other online retailers who sell niche fragrance samples at a good price? Thanks

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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

    Great value: Aedes de Venustas (but small samples)
    Good value: Luscious Cargo
    Largest selection: Perfumed Court (higher $, but option of larger sizes and better $/ml)
    A bit pricey: Beauty Habit (comes with coupon towards full bottle)
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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

    Posh Peasant sells small decants.
    I've bought samples from Beauty Cafe in the past.

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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

    Most of mine are from The Perfumed Court, but I've ordered a batch or two from the Perfume Shoppe as well. It's $15.75 Canadian for 5 (shipping included), which I think it a pretty great deal.

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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

    Penhaligon's scent library is on sale right now at their website. I find Serge Lutens wax cards on ebay from time to time.
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    Default Re: Niche Fragrance Samples

    Ebay is actually pretty good for certain niche samples. Good place for Creed samples.

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