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    Question When people around you start breathing through their nose...

    And I mean breathing heavy through their nose, does that mean they smell my frag? I've noticed at work, when i'm wearing my himalaya or erolfa, that people around me all the sudden begin breathing deeply through their nose. These scents, to me atleast, are incredible, and if I smelled them I would probably begin doing the same thing. I don't think they realize that they are doing it? I think they smell the beautiful scent and don't know what else to do but breath in more of it...anybody else experienced this?

    I get the occasional complament on erolfa and himalaya, but I really wear them because I love to smell them.

    Anways, new to the site, have always had a few mainstream frags growing up but for some reason about a month ago I have really gotten hooked. I think I have always liked smelling good, I just never found my scent. However, after being introduced to a fresh bottle of Himalaya and Erolfa (and a small bottle of "the one" by dolce), I think I have a pretty solid rotation so far. I have been tempted to go buy everything I get my hands on, but I'm getting better about that. I don't want to turn into a hundred bottle kinda guy, I want to be a 5-10 SOLID bottle kinda guy, and I think i'm off to a good start with himalaya, erolfa and "the one". I'm not a very aggressive scent kinda guy, very laid back and under the radar.

    What do you guys think?

    awesome site btw.

    One more I the only person that thinks Creed MI smells like salty pretzles? I don't quite get the overly salty smell of it, and how it's so popular. I have ordered samples, and also smelled a super fresh bottle at neimans. Maybe my nose isn't ready for it yet, i dunno.

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    Default Re: When people around you start breathing through their nose...

    That means they secretly think you smell good, but are not telling you so due to personal timidity and/or unfortunate cultural encumbrances.
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    Default Re: When people around you start breathing through their nose...

    One day when I was wearing Fracas my boss turned around to get something where I was standing and breathed in very deeply. That pleased me.
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    Default Re: When people around you start breathing through their nose...

    Haha that happened to me with Himalaya at school one time. Me and some of my friends were talking and one of them just starts to breathe with his nose. He did it a few times, I knew why he was doing it and didn't ask him what was wrong because i knew what his response was going to be. Didn'tt want to give away my fragrance. man i must be selfish huh? lol sorry bro. And yea Mi does have a salty smell to it.

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    Default Re: When people around you start breathing through their nose...

    Hmmm, I have never noticed this before, and I smell goo-ood!

    But I guess it's logically the opposite of breathing through one's mouth, which is what I do when I smell something bad.

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