I know this subject has been covered several times, but I would just like to reiterate this for the newbies and anyone else who is not familiar with this technique.

Body Kouros has been described by many as loud and long-lasting, and yet by others it has been called reticent and sometimes short-lived. The confusion that resulted from the contrasting reviews was so great that it caused some to question whether the formula had been altered. Well, after receiving a bottle and finding BK to be very subtle but long-lasting (can still smell traces after 16hrs), I figured I'd try to beef up the sillage by hydrating my skin prior to application. TADA! I was able to use half the number of sprays I use normally, and I achieved greater sillage and satisfaction from the fragrance. Just use a health squirt of lotion on your skin prior to application, and you'll definitely notice the difference.