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    Default Thoughts about Tobacco Vanilla fragrance

    Hey Guys:

    I finally got myself a sample of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. I was fortunate to get it
    in a swap, so I didn't have to spend big bucks just to see what all the fuss was about.
    Anyway, I got to thinking. Is there a reason someone should have to spend like 100 dollars to smell like this? Why can't Davidoff or Liz Claibourne just mix some tobacco and vanilla notes and make a nice, but affordable copy? Assuming that it's just basically those two notes, it shouldn't be so hard. Is tobacco oil expensive, or is a tobacco vanilla frag just too outside the mainstream to garner any interest among the more affordable designer houses?

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    Default Re: Thoughts about Tobacco Vanilla fragrance

    because the masses want aquatics. it is a fine fragrance, and fine frags cost money.

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    Default Re: Thoughts about Tobacco Vanilla fragrance

    My guess is that it's not much more expensive to make but that it's just not recognizable, as is something like A*Men now. So, you can find plenty of A*Men "wannabes" out there at really low prices. I got Mustang by Dorall at a yard sale, and it's very similar to the original Polo (the bottle looks very similar too). Of course, a huge number of people know about Polo (and don't want to spend typical Polo prices to get it).

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    Default Re: Thoughts about Tobacco Vanilla fragrance

    I think it's just the nature of niche (or in the case of Tom Ford, pseudo-niche) - not that many people want it, so when a house makes the commitment of developing it, they have to sell it to that smaller set of customers at a higher price. If tobacco fragrances suddenly became extremely mainstream-popular then, yep, I'd bet that an equivalent would become available at a substantially lower price.

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    Default Re: Thoughts about Tobacco Vanilla fragrance

    Because those companies produce mediocrity for the masses - that is what sells.
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