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Thread: How many times?

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    I usually respray it 1-3 times during a day - depends on fragrance and weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBL View Post
    One fragrance a day, never more!

    When I'm wearing fragrance, I want to enjoy the full ride, that means untill the basenotes.
    Same here. I only reapply if I go out again in the evening. And I also agree with the wanting to give your nose a rest thing. Constantly wearing a fragrance would to me be like having the radio blasting from morning to bedtime. Don't like that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBL View Post
    It's from personal experience.
    Try to have a day without fragrance.
    The next day test a sample.
    You will smell it a lot more brighter, even smelling notes you haven't smelled before in it.
    Maybe it's just my nose that has this, I don't know.
    I'm wondering if the constant exposure to extreme levels of fragrance (e.g people who wear something like 3-5 sprays of a Montale) really is temporarily reducing the olfactory capabilities (by increasing the olfactory stimuli threshold, perhaps?) of a lot of members here. It's the only explanation I can find for so many people complaining of so many fragrances having horrible longevity. Perhaps even, extreme levels of exposure (or perhaps just extended exposure over a certain threshold) to certain chemicals may induce a (temporary... or, eek, permanent?) anosmia to them?

    All I know is that I wear 1 or 2 sprays of almost every scent I own or have ever come across, and they all last at least 4 hours, with 90+% lasting 6 hours or more, and the majority lasting over 8. They don't all project the same amount, but for me to consider it still present means I can at least catch an occasional, perhaps light, whiff of it without having to stick my nose down my shirt or any other action intended to intentioanlly smell it.

    I just wish people would realize that if you can't smell something after 30 minutes or an hour - especially some modern designer that are typically loaded up with cheap musks and such - it's not because the scent is gone. It's your nose - you're either anosmic or, if you put on more than 2 or 3 sprays, or you sprayed even a single of those on your neck, you've induced olfactory fatigue. There's not a modern designer scent out there that is designed to last an hour or less.
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    Once a day, with almost no exception from this ground rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamu1 View Post
    I wear one SotD only, but when I get home from work, I usually pick a different frag and just spray a shot on the back of my hand, just to be able to sample it for the rest of the evening.
    I pretty much adhere to this format as well.

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